Wednesday, May 14, 2014

RINO GOP House Leader Eric Cantor's Choice To Lead District Party Defeated, Cantor Gets Booed & Heckled By Grassroots

A political earthquake happened over the weekend in Virginia.

The choice of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to lead the Republican Party in his home district was defeated by Tea Party activists (Breitbart).
On Saturday, Tea Party activists ousted a top ally of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) from a key Virginia chairmanship in Cantor's own district, underscoring discontent Cantor is facing from conservative activists at home.
Conservatives mobilized against Linwood Cobb – the powerful, incumbent 7th district GOP Chair who was working with Cantor's top establishment consultants and political action committees to take power away from grassroots delegates – to elect Fred Gruber to the chairmanship.
The victory was surprising because Cantor's district, in the state capital of Richmond, is home to much of the GOP establishment machinery that wards off such insurgencies. Patrick McSweeney, a former Chair of the Republican Party of Virginia who helped organize the efforts along with others like Jamie Radtke and Russ Moulton, told Breitbart News that in a "contentious" convention, Tea Party conservatives "were joined by other disaffected people in the District in showing their disgust with the heavy-handed way the Cantor machine had been attempting to control the Party."
The District Chair plays an important role in deciding whether Republican candidates in Virginia will be nominated in primaries or at conventions. Since nominating conventions favor conservatives, Virginia's Republican establishment, led in part by Cantor, has been trying to control who is seated as a delegate to the conventions.
Although early iterations succeeded, the plan now appears to be backfiring, energizing the base instead on Saturday much to the chagrin of moderate former Lieutenant Gov. Bill Bolling, who said in a statement that he was "extremely disappointed" to hear of the results.
“Clearly, there is a battle taking place for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. We are seeing this battle play out all across our state
Oh yes, Bill Bolling, that self-serving RINO whose public temper-tantrum over being rejected to run for governor last year helped elect the sleazball Terry McAwful as governor.

The atmosphere got even more electric, as Cantor got up to speak. He was met with boos and heckling from Tea Party activists when he decided to attack his primary opponent, Dave Brat, as noted at The Bull Elephant by Jamie Ratdke.

Cantor takes the stage and immediately goes on the attack against the guy that Cantor is supposedly not worried about – Dave Brat. When Cantor takes the stage, it is visibly evident that he is seething mad and has forgotten his position. The normal approach of an incumbent who claims a large lead in the polls would be to give a speech that goes, “Thanks for having me. I’m awesome. Here are all the wonderful things I’ve been doing for you. You guys are awesome too. Thanks for all you do. Please vote. Good night!”

Cantor says that he is tempted to, “fight fire with fire, but let me just leave you with some thoughts,” but Cantor proceeds to throw fire anyway. Cantor provokes negative reactions with his false attacks. For once people are able to voice their discontent directly with Cantor without needing to go through a mandated form letter tool on Cantor’s website.

Here is the thing, the Republican Round Up was a fantastic idea by Linwood Cobb. People like to have a good time and see that people involved in politics are fun and approachable. But it is not enough. More than anything people are hungry to talk with their representative about substantive issues, because overreaching government actions have severely impacted people’s bank accounts, jobs and families.

The negative reaction Cantor witnessed this past Saturday was a culmination of all the frustrations mentioned earlier. A continued stiff-arm approach with voters in his district will only make matters worse. Conservatives want a seat at the table, they want to be heard, they want their thoughts taken into consideration, and they want transparent and principled voting. Let’s see if Cantor takes away any ‘lessons learned’ from Saturday’s convention…
Don't forget it was Cantor who recently attended an anti-Tea Party event put on by a liberal Republican who gets money by the Left's big pimp George Soro$.

So is it any wonder that Cantor gets this kind of reception? Especially when he's giving the activists and grassroots in the GOP, in his district and nationwide, the back of his hand?

We will see if this momentum will lift up Brat and defeat Cantor in the primary, sending him to a well-deserved retirement. Or, Cantor will probably play sour-grapes like his buddy Bill Bolling.

Which reminds me, it's too bad people didn't corner Bolling in the parking lot with a couple of jars of molasses and some feathers, to get him back for kneecapping Ken Cuccinelli last fall.

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