Sunday, May 04, 2014

"Party of Treason" (Democrats) More Interested In Protecting Obama And Hillary Than They Were Those In Benghazi

Any American, regardless of political ideology or party they align themselves with, should be sick at their stomachs and outraged about the revelations, much of what we've already suspected, about what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

But if you've watched the reactions of Democrats over the last few days, and especially after "Sobbin John" Boehner finally found his pair and called for a Select Committee to investigate, you've seen a party who is more concerned about protecting their power and their President, instead of those who are sworn to protect our assets overseas.

Jay Carney, that waste of toilet paper, claims the GOP is trying to "politicize" a "tragedy" (Hey Jay Blarney, it was a terrorist attack, not a "tragedy.) "Dingy" Harry Reid, that corrupt slimebag who is only in office because of the shady casino unions in Nevada, claims the same thing (remember how he declared the Iraq War "lost" before the surge could work). Today, Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff echoed what some airhead at the State Department said, that such a select committee is a waste of time and money.

Well Rep. Schiff, you liberal jerkwad, there are four families for whom the loved ones they lost on 9/11/12 are priceless.  These families, and the entire nation, were looked in the eyes and lied to not only by Richard Milhous Obama, but also Hillary Rotten Clinton, seen as the liberals next Cult of Personality they can elect in 2016.

Benghazi is more than just Democrats, Republicans, Obama or Hillary. It is about a dereliction of duty, no matter who the President is/was, to those who serve under him, and a betray of those men and women as well as the Oath of Office.  This is not about a botched burglary, or some semen spilled on a dress. Four American lives were lost, and their families have been treated shabbily by Obama, Hillary and the Democrats. What we are seeing instead is the appalling typical liberal Democrat behavior "My Party--Right or Wrong."  Democrats are more concerned about protecting Obama & Hillary than they were protecting those in Benghazi.

Why is that? Does it have to do with the fact that, ever since the Clinton years and after 9/11, Democrats have been in a state of denial about Islamic terrorism? They have tried to pretend it doesn't exist, that it's strictly a "law enforcement" issue, or they act as apologists for it, finding ways of blaming America, the West, or Israel for provoking Islamic acts of terror.  It doesn't help matters when their President got his start in the living room of a domestic terrorist, or their attorney general served with a law firm who defended imprisoned jihadists.

The Democrat Party is quick to label the Tea Party as "suicide bombers" or "unAmerican," but they act as apologists for real terrorists.  They are corrupt, treasonous bastards who gave Islamofascists aid and comfort during the Bush years, as well as communists during the Reagan years, but don't you dare question their patriotism.

Well, speaking as one American, yes, I am questioning your patriotism, Democrats and your bootlicking media lapdogs. Especially after you spent so much time during the last Administration making up lies that the Bush Administration willingly misled people about Iraq, and but don't want to look at how your President has been caught covering up an act of terrorism because it might hurt his re-election chances, and lives were lost because of his (and Hillary's) negligence.

What else are you hiding, Obama? Democrats?  The possibility this Regime was arming al-Queda?  Americans have a right to know. It's up to the GOP and those in the blogosphere and independent media sources, to call out any obstruction by liberals into this important and appalling dereliction of duty by a President of the United States.

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