Monday, May 19, 2014

Obama's Seven Broken Promises To Veterans In 2008. "America Will Be There For You" He Said In 2009 With Shinseki By His Side

When he ran for President in 2008, Richard Milhous Obama used veterans care and the Veterans Administration as a campaign issue.

In the above video, Obama said the "true test of patriotism" whether the United States would "serve our returning heroes as well as they have served us. He pointed to a 2007 scandal at Walter Reed Medical Center and and a couple  called these an "outrage and betrayal of the ideals we ask our troops to risk their lives for."

In addition to promising a "21st Century VA, these were Obama's seven broken promises from the above video:

1. Fully Fund V.A. Healthcare
2. More Vet Centers
3. No More Red Tape
4. No More Shortfalls
5. Zero Tolerance
6. Stand Up Against Rationed Care
7. Recovering Troops Should Go To The Front Of The Line. 
In 2009, Obama reiterated that promise in the following White House video, where he appeared with then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki.

A section of the above video was found by Breitbart TV, which noted that Obama said, "As long as we have leaders like Secretary Gates and Secretary Shinseki, and as long as I'm commander-in-chief, I promise that we will work tirelessly to meet that mission and make sure that all those who wear this nation's uniform, know this when you come home to America, America will be there for you..."

Well, just as we saw with the "if you like your plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep them" promise, it was nothing but another lie by Obama, but to the people who served and sacrificed for the defense of our nation.

Shinseki says he's "mad as hell" about the deaths at a Phoenix VA hospital, and the stories of delays in health care for vets.  One of Obama's aides said the President is "madder than hell."  I guess the President was so mad he switched his golf game from Andrews Air Force base to an exclusive golf club in Northern Virginia, and sent a White House reporter to the equipment shed during his game.

Oh, and back when the Walter Reed scandal happened in 2007, the top Army General in command was relieved of his duties and President Bush ordered a review of veteran care.

But General Shinseki still has his job.

I guess Obama has failed what he called the "true test of patriotism."

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