Wednesday, May 07, 2014

New Low For Party of Treason, Make Benghazi A Joke, Even A Perverted One

Just when you think the Democrap Party can't sink any lower, the "Party of Treason" breaks out the shovels to start digging.

Today, two "ladies" (and I use that term very loosely) went to Twitter to make light of the deaths of four Americans, while Obama did debate prep then schemed with Hillary to cover up that the attack on 9/11/12 was a terrorist attack.

The first was Missouri Democrat Stacey Newman, who tweeted that she was "Thinking of saying "Benghazi" while debating tomorrow on the House floor. Just to see what happens."  That let out an avalanche of outrage toward her on Twitter, as noted by Twitchy.  Then, a Democrat candidate for Congress in Mississippi named Trish Causey outdid Newman in making a perverted joke of the murder of four Americans.

Twitchy also noted this (rightly) prompted similar outrage among Tweeters.

What did I say the other day?  Do you need anymore explanation why I call the Democrap Party the Party of Treason?  Because ever since 9/11/01, these unAmerican scum have seen private citizens (conservatives, Tea Party, Republicans) who disagree with them as "the enemy," but will go out of their way to act as apologists for Islamic terrorists and even leftist domestic terrorists (Bill Ayers, exhibit A). Democrat scum like the drunk Jim Moran, Tiny Dick Turbin, Jackoff Murtha (may he rot in Hell), John Kerry and others have attacked our military as tortuerers, murderers, ethnic cleansers, "Nazis, or Pol Pot," at the same they they cut the pay and benefits for military members when they hold power, change the rules of engagement to tie the hands of our troops behind their backs, or use the military as guinea pigs for their liberal social experimentations.

I wonder if these two witches are brave enough to repeat their "jokes" to the families of the Benghazi Four?

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