Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014: But Do We Really "Remember" Those Who Sacrificed And Why?

As has been customary, we as a nation pause today to remember those who sacrificed their lives in the service of our nation, so that we might enjoy the freedom and way of life they gave their lives defending.

How many of us know the difference between today and Veterans Day?  Is it because civics is not really a big topic in our government run schools?

Like a Facebook post I saw over the weekend, today is not "National BBQ Day." It is a sacred one, especially if you have had a family member you once knew, or perhaps never knew, because they answered the call, and gave their lives for a way of life we take completely for granted today.

It's hard not to look at the state of our nation today, and more recently, and wonder if the words "We Remember" are just empty and shallow.  Because I seriously wonder if, given the state of too many in our nation today, those who fought for our freedom would have done so if this generation treated this sacred gift of our freedom so cheaply, that was paid for with the blood of those we remember today.

There was another tragic killing over the weekend in Santa Barbara, CA. A mentally-unstable young man, grabs a knife and gun, and kills six people with both of them. Just as in previous mass killings, the idea that personal responsibility of the killer, and perhaps the home environment they were raised in, never comes into play.

It's always someone else's fault.  The gun.  The NRA.

One victim's father blamed the NRA and sounded the cry for more gun control. A liberal Senator, "Little" Dick Blumenthal, who lied about serving in Vietnam, even used this killing like a buzzard to call for Americans to give up their Second Amendment right to bear arms.  A bunch of activist moms, rounded by by former Nannny-state Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, joined Blumenthal in using the victims for their anti-freedom agenda. Like most liberals today, these moms engage in a bullying campaign against businesses to not allow guns in their place of business. Never mind that their spokesmouth, Shannon Watts, has armed guards.  Watts likes to act the bully on social networks like Twitter, but shows her yellow streak when a patriot like Dana Loesch confronts her on the lies Watts and Bloomberg's group spew.

It's not just the Second Amendment under assault, so it the right of free political speech and practice of religion.

In the last couple of weeks, Democrats in the US Senate have openly began a jihad on political speech, primarily because of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that overturned John McLame's attempt to aid his liberal friends via "campaign finance reform." "Dingy" Harry Reid's McCarthy-ite obsession and rhetoric toward the Koch Brothers have brought his fellow Democrats on board to propose a Constitutional amendment that would make a law against freedom of political speech by having the government regulate campaign contributions.  Keep in mind unions would be exempt from these regulations, yet they (and Georoge Soro$) give more money to liberals than the supposed evil Koch Bros. give to conservatives/Tea Party.  All for the sake of keeping and getting more power, these liberals are willing to take away God-given freedoms that were paid for with the high cost of American lives we honor today.

And these two instances are just in the last two weeks before today, Memorial Day 2014 alone.

But how is it that we can honor those who gave their lives for this nation, and yet this government dishonors the service of their wounded brothers by what we're seeing at the VA?  If a nation cannot take care of those who served us, then what makes us think that their attempt at government run health care will help the rest of us.

How it is we can honor those who gave their lives today when our government leaves Americans behind in a terrorist attack, then lie about it and want to attack those who try to hold those responsible accountable...all for political purposes?

How it is we can honor those who gave their lives today when private citizens come under attack by the taxing arm of this government, the IRS, because they are the political enemies of the President and his Regime, as well as the majority party in the Senate? This is the kind of thuggery and fascistic mindset so many lost their lives fighting against in the last century.

How it is we can honor those who gave their lives today when others are afraid of expressing their religious views, or beliefs in topics like the traditional view of marriage (or right to bear arms), when ideological bullies attack and smear those businesses or individuals as "bigots," that cause a loss of their livelihood?

So think about this as you go to that Memorial Day parade, ceremony, or whatever you're doing today. There's a reason we're remembering those who served this nation and died while serving, and it was in order to preserve what too many take for granted or want to take away.

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