Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Benghazi & Obamacare “Not Serious” Topics? No, Mr. Obama, You’re Not Serious!

The Obama Presidency has consisted of almost three things—golf, vacations, and Democrat Party fundraisers, because that’s about all you’ll find him doing.

Like last night, when he blasted the Republican Party for focusing on his failings and lies about Benghazi, as well as the Obamacare debacle (Daily Caller).
The nation shouldn’t be debating the nation’s health-care system or the successful jihadi attack in Benghazi in 2012, President Barack Obama complained at a May 19 fundraiser in Maryland.
“Yes, we can have a legitimate debate about does every government program work… [but] the debate we’re having right now is about, what, Benghazi? Obamacare?” Obama told his donors in the wealthy Potomac district of Maryland.
“It’s not serious [and] is not speaking to the real concerns that people have,” Obama insisted.
Not serious?

Excuse me, Richard Milhous Obama, FOUR AMERICANS WERE KILLED in Benghazi. No one died because of Watergate or MonicaGate. Because it was an al-Queda terrorist attack that conflicted with your false campaign rhetoric on the campaign stump that “alQueda has been decimated,” you, Hillary Rotten Clinton and Susan Rice lied not just to the American people, but to those four families and told them it was because of some obscure YouTube video. In the process, you jailed an American citizen for producing that video, in violation of the First Amendment.

If Benghazi is “not serious,” then why are the survivors of the attack being hidden?

If Benghazi is “not serious,” then why were documents withheld from Congress until a FOIA act brought them out?

If Benghazi is “not serious,” why the lack of transparency from you and your Regime? And why do you and your Party of Treason, Thuggery and Corruption (the Democrats) don’t want the Republicans in Congress, or the American people for that matter, looking behind that curtain?

If Benghazi is “not serious,” then what do you and Hillary have to hide?

If Obamacare is “not serious” and “not speaking to the real concerns” of Americans, then why are Americans being forced off their health-care plans?

If Obamacare is “not serious” and “not speaking to the real concerns” of Americans, then why are more Americans paying more out of their pockets for “affordable” health care?

If Obamacare is “not serious” and “not speaking to the real concerns” of Americans, then why did you lie to the American people that our healthcare costs would go down, that if we liked our doctor and our plans, we could keep them?

If Obamacare is “not serious” and “not speaking to the real concerns” of Americans, then should we not be concerned when we see those who have served and sacrificed for our nation be denied care they were promised because of the federal bureaucracy? You called out certain people who claimed any “death panels” or rationing of care were liars. But how can you say that with a straight face when rationing of care is exactly what is going on at the VA?

If you’re really “madder than hell” then why was if off to the golf course this past Saturday? Why is it another Democrat party fundraiser, where you will go into another round of pitting one group of Americans against another. You talk about “income inequality” as you or Moochelle jet off to another taxpayer funded luxury vacation and your net worth has gone up 438 percent, while more Americans find it harder to pay for necessities under your extremist socialist policies. So much for having “skin in the game.” You claim to care so much about the welfare of our vets, but it appears Veterans Day or Memorial Day ceremonies are nothing but another day for you to post a photo of yourself as a photo op, while inconveniencing those whose families sacrificed for our nation, and not just on those holidays either.

Americans want honesty from our leaders. May I remind you how your party, during a time of war, recklessly and without any concrete evidence, not only called the previous President a “liar” about the Iraq War, but attacked those who fought it, all for political purposes. Yet you and your party have been willing to lie repeatedly not just about matters of national security, but our health care and state of our economy. It would require a suspension of disbelief, Mr. Obama, to believe anything that comes out of your mouth, since everything we’ve heard from you and your Regime about Obamacare, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and Fast and Furious has been one endless pile of bovine excrement after another.

“Not serious”? “Not speaking to the real concerns that people have”? Why don’t run to a mirror and take a long look at the reflection of who is not serious or speaking to concerns real people have, because it’s you!

And all you’re doing is another round of “gaslighting”.

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