Friday, May 30, 2014

Surge Of Illegal Aliens Flown From Rio Grande Valley To Arizona

What is happening on the border area of South Texas (Brownsville Herald).
The Department of Homeland Security dropped off some 140 immigrants — mostly women and children — at the Tucson Greyhound station this weekend, leaving them to find their own way to their destination cities across the country to report to immigration offices there. 
While such releases are not new, the number left here at the same time has put a strain on local border advocates and has customs and bus line officials working on a plan to accommodate the unexpected influx of travelers. 
ICE in Arizona is processing 400 people, mostly families coming from Central America and Mexico who were apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley and flown here over the weekend, officials said. 
To meet the demand coming from Texas, the Border Patrol is turning to all available resources at its disposal, said Daniel Tirado, Border Patrol spokesman for the Rio Grande Valley sector.
In the first six months of the fiscal year, the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents detained more people than Tucson did all of last year with an average of more than 600 apprehensions a day
About 70 percent of 140,000 people detained are from countries other than Mexico, mostly Central America. In comparison, Tucson sector Border Patrol agents have detained about 61,000 border crossers during the same period, with 18 percent coming from a place other than Mexico. 
Border Patrol agents in less busy sectors are processing people by taking their biographical information and completing a file online. 
Also, about 100 agents from other sectors, including Arizona, have been sent to Texas to help.
And they are flying apprehended immigrants to other sectors where they can be processed. The first flight was to El Paso on May 7. Four days later, the second one arrived in Tucson and the third landed here last week.
This photo came from Twitter, of the illegals from Texas at a bus depot in Arizona.

All that amnesty talk by Obama, liberals like the Brooklyn ambulance-chasing senator Chuck Schumer, and RINOs like Eric Cantor are encouraging all of this illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, our government does nothing about a US Marine being detained in Mexico.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Obama Urges Restraint As Leadership At West Point...Kinda Like He Showed At Benghazi?

Richard Milhous Obama spoke to the West Point graduating class yesterday, telling the graduates, their families and the nation that while our nation must lead globally, we must surrender to Islamic terrorists and other enemies of our nation show restraint (Providence Journal).
In a broad defense of his foreign policy, President Obama declared Wednesday that the U.S. remains the world's most indispensable nation, even after a "long season of war," but argued for restraint before embarking on more military adventures.

Standing before the newest class of officers graduating from the U.S. Military Academy, Mr. Obama said, "I would betray my duty to you, and to the country we love, if I sent you into harm's way simply because I saw a problem somewhere in the world that needed fixing, or because I was worried about critics who think military intervention is the only way for America to avoid looking weak."

Restraint? You mean like the kind Obama and his Regime showed on the night of 9/11/2012?


It's worth noting that Obama received a very tepid response, compared to George W. Bush (Nice Deb).

Liberal Montel Williams Outraged About VA Scandal & Lack Of Apology From Obama

Yeah, Montel Williams is a liberal former host of Airhead America, and has engaged in violent, sexist attacks against Michele Bachmann.

But even a liberal like Montel, who was a former Navy Lt. Commander, is spitting mad about what is going on at the VA.

This clip is from Fox News Neil Cavuto show.

“They have left body parts, some of them never made it back,” Williams said of our troops. “Some of them are here now and their souls are still there. And we have the audacity to turn our back on them? […] We owe this debt, more than anything else. The president just promised $5 billion for terrorists? Around the world at West Point? Where he could have used today to say I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve caused you, the families, and I’m going to fix it today.”
 Now, there are more calls for VA Secretary Shinseki to resign. But even Williams is right on that point. While Shinseki has the responsibility as the VA head, getting rid of him doesn't solve the problem. The problem is in the bureaucracy. That's the problem when you put your trust in government, and it's exactly why Obamacare should be feared, because this is a problem that will happen with Obamacare...bureaucrats decide healthcare.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014: But Do We Really "Remember" Those Who Sacrificed And Why?

As has been customary, we as a nation pause today to remember those who sacrificed their lives in the service of our nation, so that we might enjoy the freedom and way of life they gave their lives defending.

How many of us know the difference between today and Veterans Day?  Is it because civics is not really a big topic in our government run schools?

Like a Facebook post I saw over the weekend, today is not "National BBQ Day." It is a sacred one, especially if you have had a family member you once knew, or perhaps never knew, because they answered the call, and gave their lives for a way of life we take completely for granted today.

It's hard not to look at the state of our nation today, and more recently, and wonder if the words "We Remember" are just empty and shallow.  Because I seriously wonder if, given the state of too many in our nation today, those who fought for our freedom would have done so if this generation treated this sacred gift of our freedom so cheaply, that was paid for with the blood of those we remember today.

There was another tragic killing over the weekend in Santa Barbara, CA. A mentally-unstable young man, grabs a knife and gun, and kills six people with both of them. Just as in previous mass killings, the idea that personal responsibility of the killer, and perhaps the home environment they were raised in, never comes into play.

It's always someone else's fault.  The gun.  The NRA.

One victim's father blamed the NRA and sounded the cry for more gun control. A liberal Senator, "Little" Dick Blumenthal, who lied about serving in Vietnam, even used this killing like a buzzard to call for Americans to give up their Second Amendment right to bear arms.  A bunch of activist moms, rounded by by former Nannny-state Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, joined Blumenthal in using the victims for their anti-freedom agenda. Like most liberals today, these moms engage in a bullying campaign against businesses to not allow guns in their place of business. Never mind that their spokesmouth, Shannon Watts, has armed guards.  Watts likes to act the bully on social networks like Twitter, but shows her yellow streak when a patriot like Dana Loesch confronts her on the lies Watts and Bloomberg's group spew.

It's not just the Second Amendment under assault, so it the right of free political speech and practice of religion.

In the last couple of weeks, Democrats in the US Senate have openly began a jihad on political speech, primarily because of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that overturned John McLame's attempt to aid his liberal friends via "campaign finance reform." "Dingy" Harry Reid's McCarthy-ite obsession and rhetoric toward the Koch Brothers have brought his fellow Democrats on board to propose a Constitutional amendment that would make a law against freedom of political speech by having the government regulate campaign contributions.  Keep in mind unions would be exempt from these regulations, yet they (and Georoge Soro$) give more money to liberals than the supposed evil Koch Bros. give to conservatives/Tea Party.  All for the sake of keeping and getting more power, these liberals are willing to take away God-given freedoms that were paid for with the high cost of American lives we honor today.

And these two instances are just in the last two weeks before today, Memorial Day 2014 alone.

But how is it that we can honor those who gave their lives for this nation, and yet this government dishonors the service of their wounded brothers by what we're seeing at the VA?  If a nation cannot take care of those who served us, then what makes us think that their attempt at government run health care will help the rest of us.

How it is we can honor those who gave their lives today when our government leaves Americans behind in a terrorist attack, then lie about it and want to attack those who try to hold those responsible accountable...all for political purposes?

How it is we can honor those who gave their lives today when private citizens come under attack by the taxing arm of this government, the IRS, because they are the political enemies of the President and his Regime, as well as the majority party in the Senate? This is the kind of thuggery and fascistic mindset so many lost their lives fighting against in the last century.

How it is we can honor those who gave their lives today when others are afraid of expressing their religious views, or beliefs in topics like the traditional view of marriage (or right to bear arms), when ideological bullies attack and smear those businesses or individuals as "bigots," that cause a loss of their livelihood?

So think about this as you go to that Memorial Day parade, ceremony, or whatever you're doing today. There's a reason we're remembering those who served this nation and died while serving, and it was in order to preserve what too many take for granted or want to take away.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Benghazi & Obamacare “Not Serious” Topics? No, Mr. Obama, You’re Not Serious!

The Obama Presidency has consisted of almost three things—golf, vacations, and Democrat Party fundraisers, because that’s about all you’ll find him doing.

Like last night, when he blasted the Republican Party for focusing on his failings and lies about Benghazi, as well as the Obamacare debacle (Daily Caller).
The nation shouldn’t be debating the nation’s health-care system or the successful jihadi attack in Benghazi in 2012, President Barack Obama complained at a May 19 fundraiser in Maryland.
“Yes, we can have a legitimate debate about does every government program work… [but] the debate we’re having right now is about, what, Benghazi? Obamacare?” Obama told his donors in the wealthy Potomac district of Maryland.
“It’s not serious [and] is not speaking to the real concerns that people have,” Obama insisted.
Not serious?

Excuse me, Richard Milhous Obama, FOUR AMERICANS WERE KILLED in Benghazi. No one died because of Watergate or MonicaGate. Because it was an al-Queda terrorist attack that conflicted with your false campaign rhetoric on the campaign stump that “alQueda has been decimated,” you, Hillary Rotten Clinton and Susan Rice lied not just to the American people, but to those four families and told them it was because of some obscure YouTube video. In the process, you jailed an American citizen for producing that video, in violation of the First Amendment.

If Benghazi is “not serious,” then why are the survivors of the attack being hidden?

If Benghazi is “not serious,” then why were documents withheld from Congress until a FOIA act brought them out?

If Benghazi is “not serious,” why the lack of transparency from you and your Regime? And why do you and your Party of Treason, Thuggery and Corruption (the Democrats) don’t want the Republicans in Congress, or the American people for that matter, looking behind that curtain?

If Benghazi is “not serious,” then what do you and Hillary have to hide?

If Obamacare is “not serious” and “not speaking to the real concerns” of Americans, then why are Americans being forced off their health-care plans?

If Obamacare is “not serious” and “not speaking to the real concerns” of Americans, then why are more Americans paying more out of their pockets for “affordable” health care?

If Obamacare is “not serious” and “not speaking to the real concerns” of Americans, then why did you lie to the American people that our healthcare costs would go down, that if we liked our doctor and our plans, we could keep them?

If Obamacare is “not serious” and “not speaking to the real concerns” of Americans, then should we not be concerned when we see those who have served and sacrificed for our nation be denied care they were promised because of the federal bureaucracy? You called out certain people who claimed any “death panels” or rationing of care were liars. But how can you say that with a straight face when rationing of care is exactly what is going on at the VA?

If you’re really “madder than hell” then why was if off to the golf course this past Saturday? Why is it another Democrat party fundraiser, where you will go into another round of pitting one group of Americans against another. You talk about “income inequality” as you or Moochelle jet off to another taxpayer funded luxury vacation and your net worth has gone up 438 percent, while more Americans find it harder to pay for necessities under your extremist socialist policies. So much for having “skin in the game.” You claim to care so much about the welfare of our vets, but it appears Veterans Day or Memorial Day ceremonies are nothing but another day for you to post a photo of yourself as a photo op, while inconveniencing those whose families sacrificed for our nation, and not just on those holidays either.

Americans want honesty from our leaders. May I remind you how your party, during a time of war, recklessly and without any concrete evidence, not only called the previous President a “liar” about the Iraq War, but attacked those who fought it, all for political purposes. Yet you and your party have been willing to lie repeatedly not just about matters of national security, but our health care and state of our economy. It would require a suspension of disbelief, Mr. Obama, to believe anything that comes out of your mouth, since everything we’ve heard from you and your Regime about Obamacare, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and Fast and Furious has been one endless pile of bovine excrement after another.

“Not serious”? “Not speaking to the real concerns that people have”? Why don’t run to a mirror and take a long look at the reflection of who is not serious or speaking to concerns real people have, because it’s you!

And all you’re doing is another round of “gaslighting”.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Obama's Seven Broken Promises To Veterans In 2008. "America Will Be There For You" He Said In 2009 With Shinseki By His Side

When he ran for President in 2008, Richard Milhous Obama used veterans care and the Veterans Administration as a campaign issue.

In the above video, Obama said the "true test of patriotism" whether the United States would "serve our returning heroes as well as they have served us. He pointed to a 2007 scandal at Walter Reed Medical Center and and a couple  called these an "outrage and betrayal of the ideals we ask our troops to risk their lives for."

In addition to promising a "21st Century VA, these were Obama's seven broken promises from the above video:

1. Fully Fund V.A. Healthcare
2. More Vet Centers
3. No More Red Tape
4. No More Shortfalls
5. Zero Tolerance
6. Stand Up Against Rationed Care
7. Recovering Troops Should Go To The Front Of The Line. 
In 2009, Obama reiterated that promise in the following White House video, where he appeared with then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki.

A section of the above video was found by Breitbart TV, which noted that Obama said, "As long as we have leaders like Secretary Gates and Secretary Shinseki, and as long as I'm commander-in-chief, I promise that we will work tirelessly to meet that mission and make sure that all those who wear this nation's uniform, know this when you come home to America, America will be there for you..."

Well, just as we saw with the "if you like your plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep them" promise, it was nothing but another lie by Obama, but to the people who served and sacrificed for the defense of our nation.

Shinseki says he's "mad as hell" about the deaths at a Phoenix VA hospital, and the stories of delays in health care for vets.  One of Obama's aides said the President is "madder than hell."  I guess the President was so mad he switched his golf game from Andrews Air Force base to an exclusive golf club in Northern Virginia, and sent a White House reporter to the equipment shed during his game.

Oh, and back when the Walter Reed scandal happened in 2007, the top Army General in command was relieved of his duties and President Bush ordered a review of veteran care.

But General Shinseki still has his job.

I guess Obama has failed what he called the "true test of patriotism."

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sarah Palin's Next "I Told You So" Moment: Rationed Government Health Care

Back in 2008, former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was mocked for suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin might invade the Ukraine.

In February of this year, she was proven right. She played on it in her CPAC 2014 address.

Today, Palin wrote the following on her Facebook page, remembering how she was attacked as a liar for suggesting Obamacare would lead to rationed health care and "death panels."
Let’s take a stroll down “death panel” memory lane. Here are just a few excerpts for you to draw your own conclusions.

My Facebook Post on August 7, 2009:

“And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.”

Politifact declared my statement “Lie of the Year.” August 10, 2009, is their first claim:

“We agree with Palin that such a system would be evil. But it's definitely not what President Barack Obama or any other Democrat has proposed.”

Hot Air yesterday, May 15, 2014:

“VA Secretary Eric Shinseki declared himself ‘mad as hell’ over the allegations of wait-list fraud in Phoenix, where 40 veterans passed away before accessing medical assistance while the office falsified records.”

Daily Caller yesterday, May 15, 2014:

“When individuals receive care through the VA, it becomes the only payer and hence, the only decision-maker. The VA decides who gets care, when, and how much. Moreover, as the single payer, the VA bears the risk of loss: If tax dollars aren’t enough to pay for the care demanded, there’s only one result —rationing of care.”

Again, remember what the influential (to other sheep in their leftist herd anyway) Politifact wrote about this “Lie of the Year”:

“We agree with Palin that such a system would be evil. But it's definitely not what President Barack Obama or any other Democrat has proposed.”

Las Vegas Sun on August 10, 2013:

“[Senator Harry] Reid said he thinks the country has to ‘work our way past’ insurance-based health care during a Friday night appearance on Vegas PBS’ program Nevada Week in Review. ‘What we’ve done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever,’ Reid said. When then asked by panelist Steve Sebelius whether he meant ultimately the country would have to have a health care system that abandoned insurance as the means of accessing it [by moving to a single-payer system instead], Reid said: ‘Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.’”

And Barack Obama himself warned he wanted single-payer! June 30, 2003: “I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer health care plan.”

Obama repeatedly warned America: So, media, your average Joe Six Pack American (i.e. me) caught those warnings, and YOU didn’t? Riiight.

I love this American Awakening when finally more voters can’t say they weren’t warned. Stamped with the media’s “Lie of the Year”, I had the sticky label on my back for years used as convenient “proof” that commonsense conservatives just don’t know what we’re talking about. Denouncing from the Orwellian Left and a squishy Right ensued. But the truth stares us in the face and pocketbook, especially as we see the unworkable Obamacare.

What happens next is the Left will subtly suggest moving America toward a single-payer system, which was their intention all along. Watch for this gradual, but driving, descent into statism.

So, are you still relying on Obamacare to help and not hurt you? On the Democrat’s watch, health care in the hands of unaccountable bureaucrats proves Reagan’s adage that government is not the solution; government is the problem.

And speaking of the VA scandal, we’ve seen how Obama merely gives lip service to his bureaucrats “investigating” his bureaucracy, so don’t be surprised if he finds nothing wrong in the government’s VA health system – “NOT EVEN A SMIDGEN”!

- Sarah Palin
For all the constant attacks this woman gets from the so-called "political intelligentsia" on the left and in the GOP establishment, Palin sure has a habit of foreseeing things that all the supposed "elite" mock her for, and then have to later eat their words. Even Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, or Mittens Romney didn't see this coming.

But our veterans dying because they cannot get the health care they were promised is not a laughing matter. It is a warning of what is coming down the road with Obamacare, and how this nation is in desperate need of leadership.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Liberal Activists At People For The UnAmerican Way Fundraise Off "Phony Benghazi Scandal"

Hypocrisy strikes (Yahoo News).
It’s come to this: A liberal advocacy group launched a fundraising drive this week around the House select committee on Benghazi that criticizes Republican groups for launching fundraising drives around the select committee on Benghazi. People for the American Way, a D.C.-based nonprofit that promotes a range of liberal policies, sent a fundraising pitch to supporters this week that blasted Republicans for “exploiting the tragic deaths of four Americans” in order to “raise funds and rally their base.” The message ended with a plea for PFAW supporters to make a donation and renew their membership.

Last week, after House Republican leaders announced plans to launch a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack on an American compound in Benghazi, Libya, the National Republican Congressional Committee wrote a fundraising plea based on the new panel. "House Republicans will make sure that no one will get away from Gowdy and the Select Committee. This is going to be a national effort for a national investigation," the page read. "Help fight liberals by donating today."

In the story posted at Yahoo News, the DNCC's criticism of their liberal allies is muted compared to the feigned outrage toward the NRCC.

Never mind that, during the Bush Years, the Democrats were planning ads using flag draped coffins of those who gave their lives in the War on Terror in fundraising and campaign ads (Daily Caller). Whose idea was that? Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel, who was the chief advisor to Obama in his first term.

The Daily Caller, in addition to noting the above fundraising, wrote how Democrats have also fundraised off the Boston Marathon Bomings and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

Even worse, the People for the UnAmerican way dishonor the Benghazi Four by calling it a phony scandal.

Phony scandal? If it's such a phony scandal, how come the survivors of the attack have been silenced by the Obama Regime.

Remember how Democrats and liberal activists used a phony scandal during the Bush Years about Valerie Plame to call for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney?  They even went after Cheney's aide Scooter Libby for alleged perjury. Never mind that the "leaker" was Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, who never was punished.  Yet liberals claimed "Plamegate" was a bigger scandal than Watergate.

Excuse me! No one died because of Plamegate. That was a phony scandal and a waste of taxpayer dollars because the real leaker's identity was known, but Democrats who motivated by nothing but anger over the 2000 election wanted to find anything to get Bush out of office.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

RINO GOP House Leader Eric Cantor's Choice To Lead District Party Defeated, Cantor Gets Booed & Heckled By Grassroots

A political earthquake happened over the weekend in Virginia.

The choice of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to lead the Republican Party in his home district was defeated by Tea Party activists (Breitbart).
On Saturday, Tea Party activists ousted a top ally of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) from a key Virginia chairmanship in Cantor's own district, underscoring discontent Cantor is facing from conservative activists at home.
Conservatives mobilized against Linwood Cobb – the powerful, incumbent 7th district GOP Chair who was working with Cantor's top establishment consultants and political action committees to take power away from grassroots delegates – to elect Fred Gruber to the chairmanship.
The victory was surprising because Cantor's district, in the state capital of Richmond, is home to much of the GOP establishment machinery that wards off such insurgencies. Patrick McSweeney, a former Chair of the Republican Party of Virginia who helped organize the efforts along with others like Jamie Radtke and Russ Moulton, told Breitbart News that in a "contentious" convention, Tea Party conservatives "were joined by other disaffected people in the District in showing their disgust with the heavy-handed way the Cantor machine had been attempting to control the Party."
The District Chair plays an important role in deciding whether Republican candidates in Virginia will be nominated in primaries or at conventions. Since nominating conventions favor conservatives, Virginia's Republican establishment, led in part by Cantor, has been trying to control who is seated as a delegate to the conventions.
Although early iterations succeeded, the plan now appears to be backfiring, energizing the base instead on Saturday much to the chagrin of moderate former Lieutenant Gov. Bill Bolling, who said in a statement that he was "extremely disappointed" to hear of the results.
“Clearly, there is a battle taking place for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. We are seeing this battle play out all across our state
Oh yes, Bill Bolling, that self-serving RINO whose public temper-tantrum over being rejected to run for governor last year helped elect the sleazball Terry McAwful as governor.

The atmosphere got even more electric, as Cantor got up to speak. He was met with boos and heckling from Tea Party activists when he decided to attack his primary opponent, Dave Brat, as noted at The Bull Elephant by Jamie Ratdke.

Cantor takes the stage and immediately goes on the attack against the guy that Cantor is supposedly not worried about – Dave Brat. When Cantor takes the stage, it is visibly evident that he is seething mad and has forgotten his position. The normal approach of an incumbent who claims a large lead in the polls would be to give a speech that goes, “Thanks for having me. I’m awesome. Here are all the wonderful things I’ve been doing for you. You guys are awesome too. Thanks for all you do. Please vote. Good night!”

Cantor says that he is tempted to, “fight fire with fire, but let me just leave you with some thoughts,” but Cantor proceeds to throw fire anyway. Cantor provokes negative reactions with his false attacks. For once people are able to voice their discontent directly with Cantor without needing to go through a mandated form letter tool on Cantor’s website.

Here is the thing, the Republican Round Up was a fantastic idea by Linwood Cobb. People like to have a good time and see that people involved in politics are fun and approachable. But it is not enough. More than anything people are hungry to talk with their representative about substantive issues, because overreaching government actions have severely impacted people’s bank accounts, jobs and families.

The negative reaction Cantor witnessed this past Saturday was a culmination of all the frustrations mentioned earlier. A continued stiff-arm approach with voters in his district will only make matters worse. Conservatives want a seat at the table, they want to be heard, they want their thoughts taken into consideration, and they want transparent and principled voting. Let’s see if Cantor takes away any ‘lessons learned’ from Saturday’s convention…
Don't forget it was Cantor who recently attended an anti-Tea Party event put on by a liberal Republican who gets money by the Left's big pimp George Soro$.

So is it any wonder that Cantor gets this kind of reception? Especially when he's giving the activists and grassroots in the GOP, in his district and nationwide, the back of his hand?

We will see if this momentum will lift up Brat and defeat Cantor in the primary, sending him to a well-deserved retirement. Or, Cantor will probably play sour-grapes like his buddy Bill Bolling.

Which reminds me, it's too bad people didn't corner Bolling in the parking lot with a couple of jars of molasses and some feathers, to get him back for kneecapping Ken Cuccinelli last fall.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Harlingen, TX VA Center Denied or Delayed Cancer Tests As Cost-Cutting Move, Says Whistleblower

The Veterans Administration is going to have more questions to answer after a whistle-blower has made allegations about the medical center located in the town I grew up in (DC Examiner).

Dr. Richard Krugman, former associate chief of staff at the Veterans Affairs health care system based in Harlingen, Texas, said his boss implemented a policy in 2010 that colonoscopies would only be approved if the patient tested positive in three successive screenings for bloody stools.

“By the time that you do the colonoscopies on these patients, you went from a stage 1 to a stage 4 [colorectal cancer], which is basically inoperable,” said Krugman.

“That was done because of dollars and cents. For the VA, they have to be bleeding out of their rectum before they would authorize a colonoscopy. That was the standard of care,” he said.

Since the Harlingen VA health center couldn't do colonoscopies at that time, all referrals had to go to local private providers.

The cost-cutting order came from Dr. Raul Aguilar, chief of staff at the VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System, Krugman said.

As many as 15,000 patients who should have gotten the colonoscopies either did not get them or were examined only after long and needless delays, Krugman said.

That estimate is based on the demographics and total number of veterans treated in the Texas Valley network, about 40,000.

Many likely died, Krugman said. But, since there is no VA hospital in the area, their final days would have been spent in a private hospital or at home, where they would not appear in VA statistics, he said.

Another directive was issued in January 2011 requiring that patient referrals to private providers be cut by 10 percent.

That order was sent by Jeffery Milligan, then director of the Texas Valley health network, according to an internal email obtained by the Examiner.

Krugman also told the Examiner that an office secretary deleted about 1,800 orders for medical tests or other services to eliminate a backlog that threatened a certification inspection from an outside group.

Krugman reported his allegations to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel in a whistleblower complaint filed in July 2011.

Krugman was put on administrative leave for a year after he complained to higher-ranking VA officials that patients' lives and health were being put in jeopardy by ill-conceived policies and a poorly designed surgical center. Though he was still being paid, he was not allowed to do his job.

He was fired in May 2012, but is appealing to the federal Merit System Protection Board, claiming his termination was in retaliation for being a whistleblower.

Krugman's allegations are consistent with deficiencies at other veterans' hospitals across the country identified by the agency's inspector general, the Government Accountability Office, congressional investigations and media reports.

VA has acknowledged 23 patients with gastrointestinal cancers died while in its care after long delays in receiving colonoscopies or similar tests.

An internal investigation by VA acknowledged that some of Krugman's allegation were true, but downplayed any harm to patients.
Oh yeah, there's no harm. Never mind that veterans have been found to have languished and died at a Phoenix VA system.

Texas Senator John Cornyn said:
“This report of rationing of potentially life-saving care for our veterans is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable, and the Administration’s response to this ongoing scandal has been tepid at best. Our veterans deserve the highest level of treatment, and it is becoming clear that leadership at the VA has been more concerned with the appearance of care rather than how they provided it.”
MSNBC's resident Obama-butt kisser F. Chuck Todd tried to use the VA hospital deaths as a bigger scandal than the brewing lies over Benghazi.

Yes and no it is.

Benghazi involved the President and his Secretary of State lying to the American people about a terrorist attack in order to save his electoral chances two months from the Presidential election.  But just like Benghazi, our veterans, to whom this government made a promise to them, were left behind by this government, particularly the Obama Regime.

Even more so, if this kind of cost-cutting goes on with the government agency overseeing the medical care for those who have served this nation, than what does that tell you about what's coming down the road with Obamacare?

Example of Government Ineptitude: Herndon VA Post Office Parking Lot Change

If you went to the post office in Herndon, VA on Friday, you were in for a sudden surprise.

The usual entrance to the post office had now become an exit.

And the parking places were suddenly reversed.

It was such a surprise that one patron I spoke to said she'd almost run into someone exiting out of the old "entrance."

Tonight (Monday) they had put up new signs to let people know of the change.

One thing that hasn't been done has been to move the PO Boxes where you could drop mail from the driver's side at the old exit.  It's now at the new entrance.

...and you'll have to drop your letters off from the passenger side!

Your tax dollars at work!

Liberal Eleanor Clift's Outrageous Assertion: Ambassador Stevens Was Not Murdered

Liberal sycophant Eleanor Clift, a regular on The McLaughlin Group, made the following idiotic assertion over the weekend about Benghazi (Real Clear Politics).

ELEANOR CLIFT: I would like to point out Ambassador Stevens was not murdered. He died of smoke inhalation in the safe room in that CIA installation.

SUSAN FERRECHIO: I don't think that's a fact, Eleanor.

CLIFT: I think that is a fact.

FERRECHIO: I've heard a drastically different story from people who are also in the know about that. So, I don't think it is --

PAT BUCHANAN: It was a terrorist attack, Eleanor. He was murdered in a terrorist attack.

CLIFT: It was an opportunistic terrorist attack that grew out of that video.

BUCHANAN: The video had nothing to do with it.

CLIFT: There were demonstrations across the world.
These liberals are so desperate to protect their corrupt and treasonous President they'll make such asinine assertions that have no proof behind them.

First of all, Eleanor, here's a photo of the ambassador (thanks to Tammy Bruce, via Twitchy)

Stevens, clearly alive, is holding his left arm up and has been stripped of his pants.

There were reports days after the attack in Benghazi that the ambassador had been sodomized by these terrorist savages.

Don't you think you should apologize, Eleanor Clift, or does protecting Richard Milhous Obama and "America's Ex-Wife," Hillary Rotten Clinton, mean more to you and other liberals than the American lives killed by terrorists in Benghazi?

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

New Low For Party of Treason, Make Benghazi A Joke, Even A Perverted One

Just when you think the Democrap Party can't sink any lower, the "Party of Treason" breaks out the shovels to start digging.

Today, two "ladies" (and I use that term very loosely) went to Twitter to make light of the deaths of four Americans, while Obama did debate prep then schemed with Hillary to cover up that the attack on 9/11/12 was a terrorist attack.

The first was Missouri Democrat Stacey Newman, who tweeted that she was "Thinking of saying "Benghazi" while debating tomorrow on the House floor. Just to see what happens."  That let out an avalanche of outrage toward her on Twitter, as noted by Twitchy.  Then, a Democrat candidate for Congress in Mississippi named Trish Causey outdid Newman in making a perverted joke of the murder of four Americans.

Twitchy also noted this (rightly) prompted similar outrage among Tweeters.

What did I say the other day?  Do you need anymore explanation why I call the Democrap Party the Party of Treason?  Because ever since 9/11/01, these unAmerican scum have seen private citizens (conservatives, Tea Party, Republicans) who disagree with them as "the enemy," but will go out of their way to act as apologists for Islamic terrorists and even leftist domestic terrorists (Bill Ayers, exhibit A). Democrat scum like the drunk Jim Moran, Tiny Dick Turbin, Jackoff Murtha (may he rot in Hell), John Kerry and others have attacked our military as tortuerers, murderers, ethnic cleansers, "Nazis, or Pol Pot," at the same they they cut the pay and benefits for military members when they hold power, change the rules of engagement to tie the hands of our troops behind their backs, or use the military as guinea pigs for their liberal social experimentations.

I wonder if these two witches are brave enough to repeat their "jokes" to the families of the Benghazi Four?

Bipartisan Vote in US House Finds Lerner In Contempt, Calls For Special Counsel To Investigate IRS Targeting

Breaking news tonight (Washington ComPost).
The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to hold a former Internal Revenue Service official in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with an ongoing investigation into the agency's special targeting of groups with “tea party” or “patriot” in their names that were seeking tax-exempt status.

On a 231 to 187 vote, the House approved a contempt citation against Lois G. Lerner, whose admission last year that the tax-enforcement agency had targeted conservative groups infuriated lawmakers in both parties, led to an overhaul of the IRS and Lerner's eventual retirement from government service.

Now the matter will be referred to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. The contempt charge will then be referred to a grand jury for further review, but it is unclear how the Justice Department will proceed. Politically, however, House Republicans will be able to declare victory after working swiftly in the last year to investigate the matter and hold a senior IRS official accountable for the agency's decision and her unwillingness to cooperate with a congressional investigation.

If ever convicted, Lerner could face between one and 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $100,000.
No where in the ComPost article does it mention what The Hill noted about the vote. Sole opposition to the contempt and Special Counsel votes were cast only by the Party of Treason and Corruption, the Democrats. Six of them on the contempt vote and 26 on the special counsel, however, voted to put country and the rule of law before party.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Obama Quick To Denounce Donald Sterling Racism, But No Comment About Oprah, Sharpton, Jay-Z

Richard Milhous Obama was quick to denounce LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist comments, and applauded the NBA's banning of Sterling.

But Obama has not had a problem having many of his high profile supporters utter racial or other derogatory comments.

Take the phony Reverend Al Sharpton, who Obama recently used his bullhorn to deliver a heap of racial demagoguery.

Remember how Sharpton has called Jews "diamond merchants" who could "pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house." as well as "white interloper?"

Sharpton even used racist language to attack black New York City Mayor David Dinkins:

David Dinkins, you wanna be the only nigger on television, only nigger in the newspaper, only nigger that can talk. Don't cover them, don't talk to them, 'cause you got the only nigger problem. 'Cause you know if a black man stood up next to you, they would see you for the whore that you really are.
Shapton used the following language on Morton Downey Jr's TV show:

And even said the following...

White folks was [sic] in caves while we were building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and those Greek homos ever got around to it.
And he also attacked "Chinamen" and Koreans about fried chicken and watermelon.


Obama's big early supporter and friend Oprah Winfrey has even mulled becoming owner of the LA Clippers.

But Oprah has shed her image of being a racially transcendent personality by attacking whites, including false claims of racism, and even going as far as stating racism will end when old white people die.

Not to be outdone, Obama has had fundraisers held for him by (c)rapper Jay-Z, who even admits he and the Racist in Chief text each other.

Jay Z was recently seen at a basketball game wearing a racist symbol (Breitbart).

Jay-Z sported a large circular pendant, a golden symbol of Five Percent Nation, while catching a Nets game at Barclays Center. The group embraces unusual positions regarding religion and race. Five Percent Nation, according to NPR, believes:
Ten percent of the people of the world know the truth of existence, and those elites opt to keep 85 percent of the world in ignorance and under their controlling thumb. The remaining percentage are those who know the truth and are determined to enlighten the rest. They are the Five Percent Nation.
In 1963, a student minister named Clarence 13 X founded the Five Percent Nation when he split with the Nation of Islam. He was a student of Malcolm X, but left his mosque because he disagreed with the Nation of Islam over the nature and identity of God.
The Nation said its founder, W. D. Farad Muhammad was God. But Clarence reasoned that only a pure black man could fill that role — and to him, there was nothing "purely black" about Muhammad, who was bi-racial.
When Jay-Z was asked by a reporter if the group's symbol meant anything to him, he responded, "a little bit."
But of course, no one will hold Obama to any standard, because to do so would be RAAAAACIST!

"Party of Treason" (Democrats) More Interested In Protecting Obama And Hillary Than They Were Those In Benghazi

Any American, regardless of political ideology or party they align themselves with, should be sick at their stomachs and outraged about the revelations, much of what we've already suspected, about what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

But if you've watched the reactions of Democrats over the last few days, and especially after "Sobbin John" Boehner finally found his pair and called for a Select Committee to investigate, you've seen a party who is more concerned about protecting their power and their President, instead of those who are sworn to protect our assets overseas.

Jay Carney, that waste of toilet paper, claims the GOP is trying to "politicize" a "tragedy" (Hey Jay Blarney, it was a terrorist attack, not a "tragedy.) "Dingy" Harry Reid, that corrupt slimebag who is only in office because of the shady casino unions in Nevada, claims the same thing (remember how he declared the Iraq War "lost" before the surge could work). Today, Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff echoed what some airhead at the State Department said, that such a select committee is a waste of time and money.

Well Rep. Schiff, you liberal jerkwad, there are four families for whom the loved ones they lost on 9/11/12 are priceless.  These families, and the entire nation, were looked in the eyes and lied to not only by Richard Milhous Obama, but also Hillary Rotten Clinton, seen as the liberals next Cult of Personality they can elect in 2016.

Benghazi is more than just Democrats, Republicans, Obama or Hillary. It is about a dereliction of duty, no matter who the President is/was, to those who serve under him, and a betray of those men and women as well as the Oath of Office.  This is not about a botched burglary, or some semen spilled on a dress. Four American lives were lost, and their families have been treated shabbily by Obama, Hillary and the Democrats. What we are seeing instead is the appalling typical liberal Democrat behavior "My Party--Right or Wrong."  Democrats are more concerned about protecting Obama & Hillary than they were protecting those in Benghazi.

Why is that? Does it have to do with the fact that, ever since the Clinton years and after 9/11, Democrats have been in a state of denial about Islamic terrorism? They have tried to pretend it doesn't exist, that it's strictly a "law enforcement" issue, or they act as apologists for it, finding ways of blaming America, the West, or Israel for provoking Islamic acts of terror.  It doesn't help matters when their President got his start in the living room of a domestic terrorist, or their attorney general served with a law firm who defended imprisoned jihadists.

The Democrat Party is quick to label the Tea Party as "suicide bombers" or "unAmerican," but they act as apologists for real terrorists.  They are corrupt, treasonous bastards who gave Islamofascists aid and comfort during the Bush years, as well as communists during the Reagan years, but don't you dare question their patriotism.

Well, speaking as one American, yes, I am questioning your patriotism, Democrats and your bootlicking media lapdogs. Especially after you spent so much time during the last Administration making up lies that the Bush Administration willingly misled people about Iraq, and but don't want to look at how your President has been caught covering up an act of terrorism because it might hurt his re-election chances, and lives were lost because of his (and Hillary's) negligence.

What else are you hiding, Obama? Democrats?  The possibility this Regime was arming al-Queda?  Americans have a right to know. It's up to the GOP and those in the blogosphere and independent media sources, to call out any obstruction by liberals into this important and appalling dereliction of duty by a President of the United States.