Friday, April 25, 2014

Virginians Oppose Terry McAwful's Medicaid Expansion Scheme For Obamacare

After winning the governor's mansion by a narrow margin (and with the help of a LIEbertarian candidate funded by an Obama donor), Terry McAwful, former leader of Bill Clinton's Hillbilly Mafia, pledged to find "common ground" and spoke of the need for "progress over ideology."

Well, being a typical Clintonoid, as well as a liberal Democrat, all of McAwful's words were just lies.  He and his party of socialists have pledged to shut down Virginia's government if they don't get to expand Medicaid, a scheme done by other states to help the Obamacare trainwreck.

And citizens of the Commonwealth are opposed to it (
A new poll shows that the majority of Virginians oppose a plan favored by Gov. Terry McAuliffe to use federal Medicaid funds to provide health insurance to low-income residents.

A poll from Christopher Newport University's Judy Ford Wason Center for Public Policy poll released Thursday shows that Virginia voters oppose Medicaid expansion 53 percent to 41 percent. In February, the university found the majority of voters favored Medicaid expansion 56 to 38.

The shift in the public's views suggests that Republican lawmakers are winning the long-running public relations over McAuliffe and Democratic lawmakers.

Lawmakers have been deadlocked on Medicaid expansion for several months. The impasse led the General Assembly to adjourn in March without passing a $96 billion two-year budget, which could lead to a potential state government shutdown.

The Bull Elephant noted back in February that the Demonrats openly stated they were willing to shut down the government if they didn't get this Obamacare scheme implemented in the Commonwealth.

So, who are the one's putting ideology over common ground, Mr. McAwful?

We can all thank former LG Bill Boilling for getting us in this mess.

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Andrew said...

What ended up happening with this? Did they pass it yet?