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The New McCarthyism By The Lavender Mafia: Shouting "Intolerance" & Then Using Intolerance Against Those Who Disagree With You

If you've followed politics and pop-culture for any amount of time further back than last week, you'd remember how the Left was always quick to condemn "intolerance," "McCarthy-esque" tactics, and "blacklists" that destroyed the careers of closet Communists in Hollywood.

Remember how liberal Hollywood treated director Elia Kazan (On The Waterfront) when he received an honory Oscar in 1999, presented by Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese?  If looks could kill, Kazan would have been murdered on that stage by the stares he got from that drug addict Nick Nolte and eunuch Ed Harris.

Remember, during the Bush Years, how the supposed "anti-war liberals" slammed any criticism of their outright rooting for our troops to lose, wrapping it in Old Glory and quoting Thomas Jefferson "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Well, that was then, this is the age of Hopey Changey.  Dissent is no longer patriotic.  If you dare to oppose Richard Milhous Obama, it is RAAAAACISM.

And the blacklist has given way to the pinklist.  That is, if your name is found to support traditional marriage, or you gave money to support traditional marriage initiatives.  The Lavender Gestapo will come after you and your livelihood.

Like they did to Brendan Eich of Mozilla. Eich had given $1,000 to support Prop 8 in California. He supported keeping the definition of marriage to one man and one woman.

Eich held a personal view.  Never once did he wish to discriminate against gays, or tell them he didn't want them to use his product or anything like that.

Because Eich had a traditional view of marriage, those who claimed the mantle of dissent, diversity and tolerance became intolerant and wanted Eich removed from leadership of Mozilla.

Real tolerant, isn't it, of the Witch Hunters?

Ben Sharpiro started a petition against Mozilla, and many, such as my friend Bookworm Room, decided to no longer use Firefox brower.
As of today, I am no longer a Firefox user.  I think that, after you read about Brendan Eich’s travails, you’ll agree that you don’t want to be a Firefox user anymore either.
Back in 2008, when Prop. 8 was on the ballot asking California voters to legalize gay marriage, Mozilla co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to support traditional marriage.  Keep in  mind that, at the time Eich did this, President Barack Obama was on record supporting traditional marriage, a position he switched only after he’d secured his second term in the White House.
The same-sex marriage tyrants, having gotten hold of this information, didn’t waste their time doing something as enlightened as persuading Eich (as Obama was apparently persuaded) that his attitude was on the wrong side of history.  Instead, they did to him what they didn’t do to Obama:  they forced him to leave his company.  They destroyed his livelihood.  They abandoned reasoned debate in favor of thuggish tactics.
I’ve been unhappy with Firefox for awhile because it crashes constantly.  Inertia, however, kept me with it.  Today, hearing about the totalitarian attack on Eich for his temerity in supporting marriage as it has been understood since the dawn of human kind (man, equipped with tab A, ready to mate before God and civil society with woman, equipped with slot B), put an end to that inertia.  I’ve deleted Firefox from my hard drive.
I’m currently operating in Chrome.  I fully understand that the Google guys are also to the left of Left, but at least they haven’t (yet) destroyed someone’s life work for daring to support the same position that the whole world, through all of history, supported up until a few years ago, and that Obama either supported or lied about supporting up until only two years ago.
Another blogging friend, Donald Douglas, took on someone named Tara Dublin, on the whole issue of the Lavender Gestapo going after someone in Oregon.  He posted it at his blog. Following some of it on Twitter, I dedicded to join in.

But it was apparent that Ms Dublin, like most liberals, didn't want to debate, just wanted to drive-by, call names, and then run away when those stubborn things like facts were presented to her.

Our fellow blogger friend Robert Stacy McCain also had some fun with Ms Dublin.

This is what we're up against folks. If you dare dissent from the permitted group-think of the "progressive" left, re-education isn't enough for you. You will be stripped of your livelyhood.

Which is why it must be noted:

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