Friday, April 11, 2014

Obama's Racial Demagoguery To Al Sharpton's Organization: The GOP Wants To Deny The Vote

Here's another example of how, despite what Richard Milhous Obama said on David Letterman back in September 2012, he does not represent all of America.

He only represents those he can frighten into voting for him and Democrats by using whatever demagoguery necessary, be it the phony "War on Women" or playing the race card.

Today, he used the podium at an organization headed by one of the most divisive figures in modern America, the alleged "Reverend" Al Sharpton, to employ racial demagoguery about voting rights being stripped away by those evil wascally Wepublicans (the Obama-friendly Politico).
President Barack Obama struck hard at restrictive voting rights laws Friday, calling them a Republican political tactic conceived to address a made-up problem.
Pretending that there’s widespread impropriety, he said, is just about keeping Democrats from winning.
“The real voter fraud is people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud,” Obama said, in a speech to Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network in New York — an organization that he said should serve as a national model for organizing people around voting, led by a man who deserved “a big round of applause.”
The voting rights argument is a key element of the White House’s strategy to have the president focus on boosting base turnout for the midterms, especially among core Obama voters.
“There are well-organized and well-funded efforts to undo [the] gains” of the civil rights movement, Obama told the largely African-American crowd. “Just as inequality feeds on justice, opportunity requires justice, and justice requires the right to vote.”
Democrats face a different landscape than they did in 2012, when they had the benefits of running against new voting laws that were being challenged in court without having to worry as much about their voters actually being blocked.
The laws are on the books. Obama isn’t on the ballot. And the party needs an issue that can rile up the base, raise money from the grassroots, rally volunteers and form a rhetorical entry point to a larger argument about how Republican policies are hurting the constituencies most threatened by voting restrictions.
“The right to vote — what kind of political platform is that? Why would you make that a part of your agenda, preventing people from voting? How can you defend that?” Obama said. “This recent effort to restrict the vote has not been led by both parties. It’s being led by the Republican Party.”
As Obama did Thursday in Austin in a speech commemorating the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, he directly linked the struggle of African-Americans in the 1960s to the battle against voting laws today.
Obama did not announce any new policy, but did say that he was fully supportive of the efforts by Attorney General Eric Holder — who addressed the convention Wednesday, speaking about the priority he’s placed on voting rights cases.
“There’s a reason the agency he runs is called the Department of Justice,” Obama said.
You mean Eric "My People" Holder, the racist, black supremacist who dropped the case of the New Black Panther Party members who stood in the doorway of a voting area, telling white voters "you're about to be ruled by the black man, cracker."?

The Obama-boot lickers at the Politico didn't report on how Al Sharpton hugged a woman named Melowese Richardson, convicted of vote fraud, admitted voting six (6) times for the vote fraud denier Obama.

Not only that, Ms. Richardson sat on the board of a group that received a grant from Obama's EPA.  But just like protecting Socialist Security as a monument to FDR, Obama and Democrats want the voting rights act left alone as a monument to progressive Democrat racist Lyndon "I'll Have Those N'rs Voting Democrat For 200 Years" Johnson.

Also, for all the talk of conservatives and Tea Party members being "extremist," why do liberals not mind Obama and his fellow racist Holder speaking at a group headed by someone who has called Jews "diamond merchants," and used homophobic slurs, in addition to using the N-word against then New York Mayor David Dinkins?

And can we still consider that Obama is a racist?

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Anonymous said...

On the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, what have Republicans learned about race and American diversity? Not much.

Two years ago, a kangaroo court House Oversight Committee found Attorney General Eric Holder "in contempt" over the "Fast and Furious" gun-walking program. (It was Dubya's stupid program, Holder ended it, and Holder testified about it nine times. Frustrated that they couldn't blame Obama for it, House R's found Holder in contempt instead. Another symbolic vote that went nowhere. Pure political B.S. theater.)

A couple days ago, Holder testified again to the Oversight Committee on a completely different topic. On the Committee is Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, a racist Islamaphobic Tea-Bagger. ( A Louie sampler: He compared civil rights to rights for bugs and lizards, said Obama has been "complicit in helping people who want to destroy our country," and claimed that Obama has "stirred up more racial tension and violence than anyone since the 1960's.")

Gohmert saw fit to remind Holder that the Committee still held him in contempt, and Holder replied, in so many words, "The feeling is mutual, ass-wipe! Don't go there with me!" The next day, Holder said that President Obama and he have endured "unprecedented, unwarranted adversity" that goes far beyond policy disagreements. Unspoken but unsaid: it's personal and race-based. Any semi-objective observer of the past 6 years would have to agree.

But not John Boehner. Asked by a reporter if GOP criticism of the administration was motivated by race, Boehner answered, "There's no issue of race here," the quickly changed the subject by reaching into the Fox News fake-scandal grab bag and pulling out some familiar shiny objects. The real issue, said the Orange Man, was getting the truth about the IRS, and Fast and Furious, and Benghazi. And with that, Boehner walked off. What? No "botched healthcare website"? No "war on Christmas"? Why not go all the way with the red herring distractions?

What conservatives like Boehner don't seem to grasp is that white people don't get to decide what racism is, and merely declaring you're not a racist doesn't mean you aren't one. The overwhelming majority of racists don't believe that they are; they can't recognize it in themselves, but others do.

Make no mistake, we're getting better in this country. Racism is no longer the horrible, blatant, violent thing it once was, but neither has it vanished. It will never go away entirely. Sadly, nothing did more to expose our lingering vein of American racism than the election of our first black president.

So here's a note to John Boehner, Louie Gohmert, Joe Wilson, Justice Joseph Alioto, et al:

You say it's not a racial thing thing, but . . . when your fellow conservatives say Obama and Holder are "the real racists"; when you believe that efforts to reduce discrimination are just as bad, if not worse, than actual discrimination itself; when you're openly contemptuous and disrespectful of the black president, his black A.G., his other black cabinet members and black diplomats in ways we've never seen before, it's going to be strongly perceived to be racism by the rest of us. And you know what? It is.