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Why Is Obama Defending Attorney Who Championed Case of Cop Killer Mumia Abu Jamal? Former WH Green Jobs Czar & WH Guest Also Supported Same Cop Killer

Even with "Dingy" Harry Reid's getting rid of the filibuster to rubber stamp Richard Milhous Obama's nominees, enough Democrats had a conscience to stop one extremist Obama nominee to head the Civil Rights Division of what is now the InJustice Department (SeeBS News).
The vote was 47-52, short of the needed majority. Eight Democrats joined Republicans to block the nominee, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who voted "no" so he would be able to bring up the nomination again in the future.
The controversy over Debo Adegbile stems from legal representation of a man who is currently imprisoned for the murder of a Philadelphia policeman decades ago.
It was unclear what the next step will be for his supporters. Several Democrats joined all Senate Republicans in voting to prevent confirmation.
Adegbile was at the NAACP Legal Defense fund when the organization began representing Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was appealing his conviction in the killing in 1981 of a police officer.
Obama was ticked off:
The Senate’s failure to confirm Debo Adegbile to lead the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice is a travesty based on wildly unfair character attacks against a good and qualified public servant. Mr. Adegbile’s qualifications are impeccable. He represents the best of the legal profession, with wide-ranging experience, and the deep respect of those with whom he has worked. His unwavering dedication to protecting every American’s civil and Constitutional rights under the law – including voting rights – could not be more important right now.
 I don't think the case can be made that Adegbile would defend "every American's civil and Constitutional rights," despite the President's assurances.

For background on the cop killer whom the Left loves (Discover the Networks).
Mumia Abu Jamal was catapulted into the public limelight by an event that occurred shortly after 3:55 a.m. on December 9, 1981, when white police officer Daniel Faulkner made a traffic stop of William Cook, Mumia’s brother, on a Philadelphia street. Falkner pulled behind Cook's car, radioed for police backup, approached Cook’s vehicle, and ordered the driver to get out of his car. While Faulkner handcuffed Cook, Mumia Abu Jamal, who was behind the wheel of a taxi parked across the street, suddenly got out of his vehicle, ran toward Faulkner and shot him in the back. As the policeman fell, he drew his own gun and managed to shoot Abu Jamal in the chest, wounding but not killing him. The gun-wielding cabdriver then fired repeatedly at Faulkner, finally dispatching him from close range with a bullet in the brain. Abu Jamal's presence near the scene of the roadside stop at that particular moment has led to serious speculation that William Cook intentionally led Faulkner into an ambush -- one that had all the earmarks of other Black Panther provocations in places like Newark and Oakland. 
The body of evidence placing Mumia Abu Jamal at the scene of Faulkner’s killing was overwhelming. There were three eyewitnesses who testified that Abu Jamal was the killer. His brother William Cook has never testified that Abu Jamal was innocent. Abu Jamal himself never once claimed his innocence at his own trial. Two policemen and one hospital security guard testified to the court that while Abu Jamal was being brought into the hospital following the altercation with Faulkner, he shouted repeatedly, “I shot the mother f---er, and I hope the mother f---er dies.” The bullet that the doctors removed from Abu Jamal chest came from Officer Faulkner’s gun. The bullet in Faulkner’s brain came from Abu Jamal's gun, which had five empty cartridges when investigators found it. All the relevant facts of the case are detailed on the website
But when Obama's nominee led the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, attorneys for the fund played the raced card in Mumia's conviction and death penalty sentence (Townhall)Police unions were outraged by the nomination, and the slimy Demonrats even blocked Office Faulkner's widow from giving Senate testimony against the nomination.

So why is Obama defending his nominee who championed the case of a copy killer?  Is it, like Skip Gates and his "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" comment, Obama (like Eric Holder) is putting his reverse racism on display for the nation to see?

Keep in mind too, that Obama's former "Green Jobs czar" the commie, 9/11 troofer Van Jones, organized a "Free Mumia" march back in 1999. Obama also had a (c)rapper by the name of Common as a particpiant at a White house poetry reading. "Common" has also supported not only Mumia, but the killer of a New Jersey State Trooper.

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