Saturday, March 08, 2014

Sarah Palin at CPAC 2014 - Reads "Green Eggs & Ham" While Taking On Liberals & GOP Establishment

Former Alaska Governor (and 2008 Presidential Candidate) Sarah Palin closed out CPAC 2014 with a speech that took on not just the Obama Regime, but also the Republican Party establishment who have gone out of the way to go after conservative and Tea Party voices within the party.

Like last year, when she held up a Big Gulp to take a swipe at Nanny former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Palin brought another on-stage prop, a copy of Green Eggs and Ham (a la Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who read it on the Senate Floor during his filibuster last September).

Except Palin read her own version of Dr. Seuss' classic.

Palin also reminded the Republican Party establishment that "you didn't build that" when it came to the 2010 mid-term wave election that brought control of the House back to the GOP, it was the Tea Party that made that happen.  "It's time we send them reinforcements."

Palin took issue with GOP elites who "subscribe to the old saying 'don't interrupt them when they're in the process of destroying themselves. It may be true, but you do interrupt when they are in the process of destroying your country. And that's what we're gonna do!"

Taking on the failures of the Obama Regime, Palin noted how, among other things, Obama promised to "heal" the rising of the oceans, but she noted, "the only thing rising in his la-la land, is the Russian Empire. I'm probably being a bit hard on the President, after all, who could have seen this coming?" which is a play on how Palin was mocked in 2008 for warnings of what we're seeing Putin doing today.

Palin also took on the culture battle and the phony "war on women" narrative, telling the audience that what liberals have offered women is not liberation but subjugation.

Here is Palin's entire speech in four parts.

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