Friday, March 07, 2014

IRS Scandal A Topic At CPAC 2014

The ongoing scandal of the Internal Revenue Service oversight and scrutiny of conservative, Tea Party groups was a topic at this year's CPAC.

Earlier this afternoon, a panel consisting of Eliana Johnson, a reporter who has been on the story, and former Delaware Senatorial Candidate in 2010, Christine O'Donnell, and attorney Cleta Mitchell, was held.

O'Donnell discussed how it was revealed to her that an IRS employee access her tax records and put out a story about a lien overdue on a property she once owned, and how it was used to discredit her campaign.

Right before this panel took place, Andrew Langer.  Phil Kirpen, and head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Ralph Reed, discussed the IRS scandal and proposed regulations that would put more oversight on political action groups to bloggers.

Reed said, during a comment period onthe proposed regulations, his organization was able to submit 140,000 comments on the proposed IRS regs. “Andrew and I had early strategy call about this. He has more experience filing. The roadmap he provided was critical. We have 800,000 members, donors, activists in our or datbase and we add 1,000 new members every business day.  We had18,500 members in one week during the thrust of IRS campaign. (Rep.) Dave Camp was marking up the regulations the next day. We feel strongly about this, as one of the things that separates the United States from every other nation in the world is that the government derives legitimacy from consent of the governed. We believe these regs in their current form the ability to post voting records, or non partisan voting guide in 30-60 day before and election would have prevented influencing legislation." Reed called the regs an "existential threat to the survival of our citizenship as well know it today."

Kirpen noted that of the 143,000 comments that went to the IRS, many were not entirely from conservative groups.  The Sierra Club and the ACLU were opposed and even the NAACP filed comments near the end of the time period opposing the proposed regs. 

The three noted that the thrust of the IRS abuses come from Senate Democrats, such as the Brooklyn ambulance chaser Chuck Schumer, primarily after the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court. These Democrat Senators are willing to silence their own grassroots in their main effort to "shut up" conservative political speech.

A public hearing is to be held by the IRS, but no date has been set.

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