Monday, March 10, 2014

CPAC Blogger Briefing On Immigration Overshadowed By Ann Coulter's Obscene Rape Comment

This past Saturday, I attended the bloggers briefing held by the Eagle Forum on immigration reform that featured Glyn Wright from the Eagle Forum as well as the group's founder (and pioneering woman in the conservative movement) Phyllis Schlafly, Steven Camarota of Center for Immigration Studies, and commentator Ann Coulter.

In light of what happened by Ms. Coulter, and the controversy she ignited, I'd like to put the briefing in context.

I agree with Coulter and the organizers of the event...immigration is one of the most important issues facing the nation and it's future.  The facts that Ms Wright and Mr. Camarota are important for all Americans to digest and contemplate, such as how "immigration reform" has increased the low-income population and stagnation in wages and employment.

Here are the statements by Wright and Camarota, made before Coulter spoke.

Then it was Ann Coulter's turn. Now I'm far from the type of apologist who is quick to condemn any statement by conservatives deemed "incendiary" by liberals and their media apologists, plus I have not been a big fan of Coulter in recent years because of her unapologetic crooning for loser Mittens Romney, her refusal to be questioned about her flip-flop on the guy, plus her bashing of Sarah Palin (many times) and Ted Cruz. To be fair, some of Coulter's "incendiary" statements I've agreed with, because they were said in a way to tweak liberals who'd excuse what Coulter is mocking. 

One statement Coulter made at the briefing was one I found funny, “My whole life, I’ve heard, ‘Republicans are racist, don’t like black people, don’t care about black people. I never believed it until I read Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill.”  There's truth in that. Who does amnesty hurt the most?  Poor blacks, as well as whites, Hispanics and teenagers because they are passed over for jobs in favor of illegal aliens. Why? Cheap labor.

But then Ann Coulter couldn't help making a conservation about an important topic about Ann Coulter by...well, being Ann Coulter. She said (clip below - WARNING...GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, NSFW).

“This isn’t natural. You have, especially on places like my favorite network, for humor, is MSNBC — and you know, they’re smearing, ‘Oh, Republicans just have to get used to it, the country is changing.’ No, this isn’t a natural process. It’s like you’re being raped and the guy is telling you, ‘Sorry, my penis is in you. Nothing you can do about it.’" (laughter and groans)“‘No, you’re raping me!’” 

You can see Camarota bury his head in his hand and Schlafly grimacing after Coulter made the graphic comment about the male appendage inside her.

So what has happened?  The facts and analysis on this important issue of immigration have been overshadowed because liberals like the putrid Alan Colmes, the George Soro$ funded Media Mutters, and People for the UnAmerican Way's "Right Wing Watch" (among others) have latched on to Coulter's obscenity.

Like I said, sometimes incendiary comments need to be made to make people think or to take on the Left's fire breathers.  But way too many times, like when she used an anti-gay slur against that slime ball pretty-boy ambulance chaser John Edwards, Ann Coulter goes beyond the pale. It almost like she comes into a conversation being held in a crowed room and lets out a loud fart in order for everyone to know she's taken over the discussion.  She's unladylike.

Even more hypocritical, who was it who told Republican candidates to "knock it off with the philosophy on rape and incest and abortion"?  Ann Coulter, who also said Todd Akin should have gotten out of the race for his absurd comment, calling him "selfish swine." 

So, do Ann Coulter's rules about what subject Republicans/conservatives can or cannot talk about not apply to her? That how liberals act.

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