Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eric Holder Encourages State AGs To Selectively Enforce Laws, Something Libs Feared John Ashcroft Would Do

Another day, another liberal double standard.

Eric "My People" Holder, one of the most racist, activist, corrupt, and lawless Attorney Generals, who has turned the InJustice Department into a political tool, encouraged state attorney generals to violate their oaths of office and be selective in defending certain state laws (Fox News).
Attorney General Eric Holder has given the nod to his state counterparts that they do not have to defend laws they consider discriminatory -- effectively giving the green light for states to stop defending bans on gay marriage.
Holder addressed the issue during a gathering of state attorneys general on Tuesday, after detailing his position in a New York Times interview.
Speaking to the National Association of Attorneys General, Holder said that any decision not to defend individual laws must be "exceedingly rare" and reserved for "exceptional circumstances." He indicated that legal challenges to gay marriage bans would qualify as such a circumstance.
"In general, I believe that we must be suspicious of legal classifications based solely on sexual orientation," he said.
This is the route former California Attorney General (now repeat Governor) Jerry "Moonbeams" Brown and current Virginia AG (by electoral theft) Mark Herring have done; ignored the will of the people who made constitutional amendment by appeasing a vocal and radical minority for the sole purpose of political motivation.

In the eyes of an objective viewpoint, this is lawlessness being encouraged by someone who is supposed to be the highest law enforcement office in America.

But contrast that with a conservative nominee for attorney general, or a judge. Look at John Ashcroft, who was George W. Bush's attorney general during Bush's first term. Because Ashcroft held Christian beliefs and even held voluntary prayer meetings, liberals were threatened and vocally felt Ashcroft was unfit for the job, they claimed, because he would not separate his personal religious leanings with defending laws he might disagree with.

And what do liberals like Moonbeams Brown, Holder, Herring, do?  They enforce laws based on their own personal leanings.  Statism, aka "liberalism," is their religion. They, as government officials, are the higher authority, in their warped minds, and things like homosexual marriage, abortion, climate change, and government run health care are some of their "golden calves" or "idols" that they worship and force "non-believers" to bow down to by government dictate.

And the corrupt media never holds them to their double-standard, since they are on the same page.

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