Monday, January 20, 2014

Terry McAwful Not In Office As VA Governor One Week & Now Faces Ethics Challenge

Because when you've skimmed those who invested in Global Crossings and linked to the Clinton's you don't really care much about ethics (Daily Caller via Weasel Zippers).
Less than a week after taking office, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is already facing criticism for using his appointment powers as a political tool.

On Wednesday, McAuliffe appointed consultant Boyd Marcus to one of the most lucrative patronage positions in the state government, the Alcoholic Beverages Control (ABC) board. The position is expected to pay at least $124,000 a year, according to local media sources.
Marcus had been a campaign consultant for Republicans for decades, but unexpectedly switched sides last election. He was allegedly offered more money by the McAuliffe campaign. According to former Cuccinelli adviser Chris LaCivita, Boyd also knew the forthcoming ABC appointment was compensation for working on McAuliffe’s campaign.
“Boyd let several people know that part of his arrangement would also get him an appointment to the ABC Board, should McAuliffe win,” LaCivita told Politico.
Ironically, just two days before the appointment was announced, McAuliffe gave a speech to Virginia’s Joint Assembly that included a caution against ethically questionable practices, The Washington Post reports.
“Public confidence in Virginia’s political system, and in the integrity of our leaders, must never be in doubt,” he said. “When ethical questions about government arise, they place a cloud over all of the Commonwealth’s public servants, the overwhelming majority of whom are honest, hardworking and dedicated to the common good.”
But when McAuliffe was questioned about this controversial appointment in a recent AP interview, his response was, “This is little petty political whatever.
But we warned you, Virginia, that this is who Terry McAwful was. But nooooooooo! Too many fell victim to the fearmongering, "war on women" smear campaign McAwful ran against Ken Cuccinelli and how the GOP establishment let Cuccinelli twist in the wind by not backing him. The RINOs also didn't help Mark Obenshain in his recount effort for Attorney General after the Democrat candidate clearly stole the race.  All because the GOP candidates this past November didn't have the Karl Rove Seal of Approval.

Thanks alot Bill Bolling, Rinse Preebus, Boyd Marcus and the GOP establishment, for sticking the Commonwealth with this scumbag as Governor because you hate conservatives and the Tea Party so much.

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