Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SOTU 2014: Why Even Listen When All Americans Are Not Obama's Constituents?

So, tonight is the State of the Union address and, as has been customary the last few years, I'm not turning in.

In fact, I can't even listen to the lying Campaigner-in-Chief because I cannot believe a single word he says.

We all know the state of our union. There are fewer people working today than in the past 35 years. More people are uninsured. Taxes are higher, as are prices for food, gas, etc.  Take home pay has gone down.  All because of the policies of this President. And, like a typical Marxist, he's going to use all this to campaign on to a joint session of Congress in what Neil Munro of the Daily Caller says will be the most partisan State of the Union address.
President Barack Obama's State of the Union address will be all about helping Democrats win in the November elections, says Neil Munro, White House correspondent for The Daily Caller.
"Obama's State of the Union speech is going to kick off for the 2014 election campaign, and they're trying to mostly keep the Senate from flipping Republican," Munro told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.
"They've appeared to have given up on winning the House, [but] to win the Senate they're going to talk about supposedly Republican malevolence toward women, about . . . poverty and inequality — income caused by Obama's own policies — and they're going to blame Republicans for not stopping his policies."
In other words, it's the usual "us vs. them" argument from Obama. Unlike Harry Truman, Obama needs a plaque on his desk that reads "The Buck Gets Passed Here," because not only is nothing is ever his fault, someone else is always to blame for times being tough, and he has a long list of scapegoats: Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, the "teabaggers," Republicans, big business, ad nauseum.

Yet this was the guy who not too long ago claimed he learned a President was supposed to represent the entire country.

But that was another convenient lie spewed during a campaign. Because when you look at the record and separate his actions from his words, Obama does not represent the entire nation, nor does he speak to the greatness of America.

Instead, Obama has spent his entire political career as a divider. He speaks only to his constituency...the grievance mongers. Those with a chip on their shoulder.  Those who choose to go through life as victims. Those who don't believe in the greatness of America as it was founded (which include the media, academic and wealthy Hollywood elites).  Democrats (ie Liberals/Marxists/Communists) like victims because they use that victimhood to scapegoat and tell the victims they'll take care of them. They can also scare the victims into voting for them the next time around, by threats that the "goodies" will be taken away if they're not around.

Which is why I cannot listen to this demagogue, and why this nation desperately needs leadership with a backbone that will stand up to him, instead of weep in their martini glass, surrendering every time there's a fight.

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