Thursday, January 23, 2014

SICK! Lib Group Affiliated With Obama Astroturfers & Wendy Davis Mock Greg Abbott Being Handicapped

I'd referenced an article written by Erick Erickson the other day that Battleground Texas, a liberal group trying to turn Texas blue and affiliated with the gubernatorial campaign of the golddigging Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis, had mocked current Texas Attorney General (and GOP gubernatorial candidate) Greg Abbott being handicapped.

Well, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas released video of Battleground Texas opening mocking Abbott's handicap.
While investigating Obamacare Navigators, Battleground Texas, and their connection to Obama's Organizing for America, we caught some deeply offensive comments on tape.
Wendy Davis and Battleground Texas supporters are seen on camera making statements such as "Since he's in a wheelchair and most the slogans are "Stand with Wendy" and "Stand with Texas Women", isn't that amazing to think of? He's in a wheelchair and we want to stand with Wendy?"
In another instance they say, "Greg Abbott (The Attorney General of Texas) is not, he's really not a sure thing, and he's really not real electable. First of all he's not good looking, he doesn't speak very well, he doesn't have a good personality, and he's in a wheelchair."
But that's not it. When asked about forging signatures on absentee ballots, Deputy Voter Registrar and attorney Lisa Wortham covered her ears and then went on to admit, "I've seen people do that all the time." Battleground Texas volunteer Celeste Grahm then added, "I don't think it's legal but I didn't hear you say that."
Davis, the other day, even slammed Abbott the other day, claiming he has "never walked in my shoes."

According to LifeNews, Davis has called the video "abhorrent." If that's the case, then she needs to return any donations and distance herself from this group.

Since Obama's Astroturf organization, OFA, is apparently connected to the group, according to O'Keefe, someone needs to hold them and the Democrat Party responsible.  The liberals always claim to speak for the disadvantaged, apparently, that's not always true.

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