Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Gun From Obama/Holder's "Fast And Furious" Scandal Found At Mexico Shootout

Did you forget about Operation Fast And Furious, because the media and Candy Crowley helped cover it up to protect their boy Obama?

Well, the guns that Obama/Holder allowed to go across the border into Mexico illegally are still showing up a crime scenes (The Hill).
U.S. officials told CNN at least one AK-47-style gun that could be traced back to the failed gun-walking scheme was found at the scene.
The shootout on Dec. 18 left five alleged cartel members dead in Puerto Penasco, a popular tourist site in Mexico.
The now-defunct Fast and Furious program began in 2009 and was run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Agents allowed low-level weapons purchasers to cross the Mexican border in an attempt to expose trafficking routes used by Mexican cartels. But the agency ultimately lost track of some weapons, including two found at the scene of the killing of a border patrol agent in 2010.
The ATF acknowledged that weapons from the operation would likely continue to turn up at crime scenes.
“ATF has accepted responsibility for the mistakes made in the Fast and Furious investigation and at the attorney general's direction we have taken appropriate and decisive action to ensure that these errors will not be repeated,” the bureau said in a statement to CNN.
"And we acknowledge that, regrettably, firearms related to the Fast and Furious investigation will likely continue to be recovered at future crime scenes," it added.
 Well doesn't that just make you warm and fuzzy?  And if there was any responsibility was taken, then why does the chief law enforcement office of the United States, Eric Holder, still have his job?

Oh, and get this. Katie Pavlich at Townhall reports on how the Department of Homeland Insecurity has been found to be complicit in the cartel trafficking of minors to illegals living in the United States.

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