Thursday, January 09, 2014

Democrat Candidate For VA State Senate Compares Tea Party To Rapists

Democrat incivility leads to new lows, in the race to replace Mark Herring, the Democrat who stole the election for Virginia Attorney General (Legal Insurrection).
The War on Women is the never-ending Democratic Party strategy.
But this one is over-the-top even for that War.
Via Newsbusters:
In an outrageous ad aired on the local Washington D.C. NBC affiliate WRC-4, Virginia Democratic state senate candidate Jennifer Wexton – running to replace newly elected Virginia attorney general Mark Herring – made a shocking comparison between violent rapists that she once tried as a prosecutor to “Tea Party Republicans” in the Virginia legislature. [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]
After describing women being assaulted and “traumatized again by facing the criminal in court,” Wexton made this declaration: “…as a prosecutor I put violent offenders in prison. In the Virginia Senate, I’ll fight just as hard against Tea Party Republicans who would take away a woman’s health care and her right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest.”
This is the AdChoices bar for Wexton, run by the Virginia State Democrat Caucus.

Rapists? Anti-womens rights? Jennifer Wexton, God forbid she be elected, would be the female Alan Grayson in Virginia--a hate-filled creature spewing uncivil rhetoric from a political party that does the same as Olympic sport.  When they're not busy attacking the Tea Party with hateful rhetoric, they're spouting phony lectures out the other side of their mouth about "civility."

So, when will the Republican Party get a backbone and stand up to this hateful garbage from the Democrat party who has declared war on God, babies, Israel and the voice of dissent from working Americans across the country?

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