Sunday, January 05, 2014

Blogoversary: Eight Years Ago Today....

...this was the first post published at this blog.

Since that time, I was "exiled" a year and a half later out of the socialist "paradise" known as Marin County, California and transplanted into the 'burbs of Washington DC in Northern Virginia, and been here ever since.

I had no idea of the ride that was ahead of me when I started eight years ago.  All the stories and events that were covered, places I've seen, people I've met, so much has happened.

Eight years ago, we had a Republican President and GOP control of Congress.  We had an economy that had a 4.9 percent unemployment rate that the liberal lapdog media was pessimistic about, and acted like there was a soup kitchen on every corner.  We had al-Queda on the run in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  There had been no acts of Islamofascist terrorism in America since 9/11.  We had freedom to choose our own healthcare provider.

Today, we have control of only the House of Representatives, the most radical, far-Left President in US history who willfully ignores the Constitution he swore to uphold. We have a media who acts like a propaganda outlet for this President. We have the lowest workforce participation rate since 1978, unemployment over seven percent, more people on food stamps and disability than ever before, and the lapdogs in the media claim it is a "recovery."

Al-Queda is no longer on the run, because America under Obama has been in retreat. The Muslim Brotherhood has been on the rise across the Middle East. Afghanistan has gone from being under control to falling back in the hands of the Taliban. Al Queda has taken control over two cities in Iraq they were driven from in 2004.

And never forget the terror attacks committed against America that the Muslim-sympathizing Obama Regime has been in denial about.

The Little Rock, Arkansas recruting station shooting
The Fort Hood Jihad shooter
Attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines 253
Northern Virginia Jihadist Who Shot A Marine Corps Museum and recruiting station
Attack on US Consulate in Benghazi, 9/11/12
The Boston Marathon Bombing

Our weak economy has gotten weaker and we've lost our healthcare choices thanks to a government run health care system put in place by this President and his goosestepping, obedient Democrats.

Even worse, we have a Republican Party who has become timid in fighting the far-Left radicalism of this President, his illegal usurping of the Constitution, and repealing his freedom-killing, job stifling risky healthcare scheme. 

Instead of attacking this leftist radicalism, the GOP is attacking us, you and I, the conservative movement, their electoral base.

We're in a lot more trouble in 2014 than we were in 2006. Not only do we have liberals to push back against, we have to fight the GOP establishment RINOs and their crony-capitalist enablers, who aren't really that opposed to big government, just not as big as Obama wants.

We have our work cut out for us.

Here's to year number nine, starting now.  What could be the most important year if we have any chance of saving this nation.

Stay tuned and stay in touch!

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Congratulations on your anniversary!