Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who Lacks Intellectual Integrity While Stabbing Vets In The Back, John McCain?

This disaster budget by far-Left lunatic Patty "Osama Mama" Murray and Paul "The Sellout" Ryan looks like it's on its way to passing yesterday, thanks to the Vichy Republicans in the Senate who allowed the cloture vote to pass.

In usual form, the liberals favorite useful idiot, John McLame, attacked his party as lacking "intellectual integrity."

The way this jerk talks, I can't tell a difference between him and his ditzy daughter...except for two things.

Excuse me Johnny Boy, but if you want to look at someone who lacks intellectual integrity, go head to the mirror closest to you and take a look.

The former Vietnam War POW always been one who claims to look out for veterans stands by while his Democrat friends and RINO enablers cut the pension benefits of our veterans, those who do more to serve this nation in one day than most of these jerkoffs in Washington DC do their whole careers (Fox News Insider).
...The news upset military spouses, including Babette Maxwell. She’s part of a group holding a Twitter town hall tonight, asking the Senate to reject the cuts.

Maxwell’s husband is a Naval officer who plans to retire soon after two decades of service. Tonight on The Kelly File, Maxwell called the bipartisan budget agreement by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) “ridiculous.”

She said 600,000 military retirees will be impacted by this legislation. “[Rep. Ryan’s] not active duty nor is he a retiree. And for the average enlisted service member, talking about an $83,000 cut over the course of those working age years … that’s quite a bit of a per month deduction simply because [Congress] needs to go back and retroactively pay bills they couldn’t afford in the first place.”

President Obama previously asked Congress to grandfather in those already in the retiree system and active duty members if they made any changes to military benefits. Maxwell said, “We don’t have a union representing us. All we have is our faith in our government to honor the promises that they have made to those who have served.”

She pointed out that some families even stayed in the military longer at the behest of Congress. “This is not a social welfare program. These are our earned benefits.”

Maxwell said a consequence of this bill is that people will be less likely to volunteer for the military. That's something she says Americans need to be aware of.
Exactly right. Who would volunteer to serve and possibly sacrifice their lives for this nation when they'll get paid dirt and their families would have to live on food stamps, while those who would send them off to war don't cut their benefits, are exempt from Obamacare, and look at every vote they make as what's best for themselves instead of those they serve?

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