Monday, December 30, 2013

Obama Doubles Down On Fraud Known As Obamacare: "We're Never Going Back..."

Anyone who subscribes to the community organizing wing of the Obama Regime, OFA, got the following e-mail today, "We're Never Going Back and it's Thanks To You."

Well, just like his false promises when selling this fraud known as Obamacare, everything that Richard Milhous Obama writes in this e-mail is a bunch of bull dung.

How many of you are going into the new year with a different health care plan than the one you had?  I learned before Christmas that not only was the plan I had for the last six years going away, it was being replaced with one that had higher deductibles, slightly higher co-pays, and I was going to lose more out of my paycheck because of it.

Affordable healthcare my butt!

Bernie Madoff could only wish his last name was Obama and he was President, so he could have gotten away with the fraud pulled on the American public known as the Affordable Care Act.

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