Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Where I Call "B.S." To Matt Vespa's Phony Claims That RNC Supported Cuccinelli

Now RNC trying to punk us.
Look at this planted RNC crap.  This is intended to persuade you that the RNC has been vigorously fighting for Cuccinelli's campaign in Virginia. They think you're so stupid that you'll buy this self-serving BS.  Instead, it exposes their uselessness and deceit. 
The story at the RedState link is by Matt Vespa, who claims that the RNC really tried to support Ken Cuccinelli in today's gubernatorial election with a new electoral strategy.
That's news to me.
Because when I spoke to a Republican volunteer outside a Reston, VA supermarket two weeks ago about my concerns the National and State GOP was sabotaging Cuccinelli in order to discredit the Tea Party, he noted to me they could have used more monetary backing from the national GOP.
Nice try Matt and all the RNC apologists.  I call B.S. on your claims.  Where were the ads run to push back on the Democrat funded lies by McAwful?  Add to that the lack of support from the sour grapes RINO Bill Bolling and those associated with him is more proof of how the RNC wanted to sabotage Cuccinelli and the ticket, in order to discredit the Tea Party.
This has Karl Rove written all over it.

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