Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Sad Reality: The GOP Is Not Interested In Getting Rid Of Obamacare

A lot of people are still looking at what happened on Tuesday night here in Virginia. Some are getting it right, other's don't know what they're talking about, because they're spewing the same old GOP-establishment talking points.

But it occurred to me as I was doing some messages on Twitter one big dose of reality that I don't know if anyone else has picked up upon, and it is this...

The Republican Party, as a political party, is not interested in getting rid of Obamacare--the biggest job killer, threat to prosperity and individual liberty this nation has seen.

What makes me draw this conclusion?

Look at the winners and losers on Tuesday night:

Ken Cuccinelli, the GOP Virginia gubernatorial candidate who was the first state attorney general to file a lawsuit against Obamacare, was narrowly defeated in a race where more financial support from the national party could have made the difference.

Chris Christie of New Jersey easily won re-election in a landslide against a no-name Democrat candidate.  He received more financial support and party attention than Cuccinelli did, and Christie not only did not have New Jersey sign a legal brief in the case against Obamacare, he was one of the GOP governors who implemented the law at the state level.

This is not an accident or a coincidence either. Let me prove it.

Who was the GOP establishment's clear choice to run against Richard Milhous Obama in 2012, after the Obamacare debacle and how unpopular the law was?  Mitt Romney, the "grandfather" of Obamacare who implemented "Romneycare" in Massachusetts.  That took the whole issue off the table.  And what would Romney have done differently if he'd been elected President a year ago?  Not much. He said the other day he would require states to make sure all it's citizens are insured.

Sounds like an individual mandate to me, Mittens.

One month ago, two brave Republican US Senators, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, led the fight to defund Obamacare when it came to passing the continuing resolution. Their efforts failed not because of liberal Democrats and Obama's opposition, but because of "friendly fire" from GOP establishment types like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, the IRA terrorist lover Peter King, Lindsey Grahamnesty.  Even Orrin Hatch, who many conservatives mistakenly supported when they could have gotten rid of him last year, beat up on Cruz and Lee, blaming them for the Cuccinelli loss. Hatch shows not only has he been in Washington way too long, but all those years acting as Ted Kennedy's designated driver did a number on him.

In the eyes of people like Hatch, it's never the establishment's fault. It's the fault of those who actually want to do what they campaigned to do.  The GOP is harder on those in the party (conservatives, Tea Party candidates) than they are against Obama and the liberal Democrats.

Oh sure, Rinse Preebus will send out fundraising e-mails about how bad Obamacare is. More token votes about repeal will be made that won't go anywhere.  But when the rubber meets the road. When the party as a whole has the chance to take on the law, they get timid.  They're too spooked of their own shadows.  The paid advisers (Karl Rove, et al) are too worried about what the press will think. 

It's no longer "liberal vs. conservative" anymore, my friends. It's the elites vs. those of us who make the country work. And the "elites" aren't only liberal Democrats.  They're also in the "country club" GOP establishment.  People like Bill Bolling and his fellow RINOs in Virginia who kneecapped Ken Cuccinelli because Bolling didn't get the nod to run.  The Virginia Chamber of Commerce (who didn't give Cuccinelli a dime) and the national C of C, who want to go after the Tea Party candidates and conservatives. Why?  We're getting their way by opposing amnesty for illegal aliens and all the cheap labor that would pour into the country. Both parties are in the crony-capitalism business, while the rest of us will get screwed in the process.

Meanwhile, we see how opposition to Obamacare is growing, as people lose their health insurance, their jobs, work hours, take home pay.  Leadership is what is desperately needed and an opposition party who will offer an alternative.  What do we get instead?  A bunch of eunuchs for whom their talk doesn't match up to their words.

This is why, as I wrote Tuesday night, there needs to be a leadership change starting at the top of the RNC.  There needs to be a willingness to stand on principles that will not be compromised for the illusion of growing numbers. There need to be leaders willing to offer "Bold Colors, Not Pale Pastels."  Maybe if that happened, the GOP would actually win elections, instead of being afraid to lose elections.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly, if anyone believes Obamacare is leaving us anytime soon think again.

We are stuck with it...
You are correct, it's not about which side wins
The entire Govt' needs to be dismantled and put back together.