Tuesday, November 26, 2013

STEAL THE VOTE: Virginia Attorney General Race Certified, Democrat Wins After Initially Losing. GOP Needs To Investigate Vote Fraud

Of the three big state offices up for election November 5th here in Virginia, the attorney general's race was certified yesterday and Democrat Mark Herring was called the winner, by 164 votes (Washington ComPost).
The State Board of Elections on Monday declared Democrat Mark R. Herring Virginia’s next attorney general, capping a dramatic three-week certification process in the closest statewide race in Virginia history.
Herring defeated Republican Mark D. Obenshain by a mere 165 votes out of more than 2 million cast, according to the final tally certified in Richmond on Monday, at least temporarily giving Democrats a historic sweep of statewide offices. Herring joins Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe and Lt. Gov.-elect Ralph S. Northam in preparing to assume office in January.
Yet the exceedingly narrow results also offered reason to brace for a recount. The certified tally gave Herring 1,103,777 votes to Obenshain’s 1,103,612 — a winning margin of less than one hundredth of a percent.
Obenshain did not immediately call for a recount, but he has set up a transition team, and his campaign issued a statement Monday noting that there have been four statewide elections across the country since 2000 with margins within 300 votes — three of which were reversed by recounts.
“Margins this small are why Virginia law provides a process for a recount,” said Obenshain’s campaign manager, Chris Leavitt. “However, a decision to request a recount, even in this historically close election, is not one to be made lightly.”
Let me give you a word of advice Mr. Leavitt. Not only should a recount proceed, but there needs to be a thourogh investigation of the voting, because I'm calling B.S. on Herring's "win." I believe this is like many Democrat "won" elections (2004 Washington State Governor's Race, Al Franken's Senate election in 2008), another example of a stolen election.

Need proof?  News reports showed GOP candidate Obenshain with a 1,262 vote lead, to a  777 vote lead, then a 219 vote lead, down to 17 votes, then Herring gets a victory of 165 votes.  And part of the problem was an "error" in a voting machine in Fairfax County.

Excuse my skepticism, but this always happens in close elections where a Demonrat is losing, then gains votes through "vote machine errors" (ie manufactured votes), then claims victory.

The Attorney General's office is especially important, because it will be protection for the slimy "Terrible" Terry McAwful, who seized that election via dishonest means (Democrat funded 3rd party candidate).

Yes, I'm saying Herring's win is via vote fraud...a stolen election.  Where is Rinse Preebus?  Is he silent and withholding support because Obenshain may not be a Karl Rove approved candidate?  Whatever the case, this needs to be looked at and every vote investigated.

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