Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Obama Omission Of "Under God" Wasn't An Accident. He's Had A History Of This Behavior

Besides not attending the ceremonies for the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address yesterday, Richard Milhous Obama added to the controversy by omitting the words "under God" in a video created for the commemoration of the address (Daily Caller).
President Obama opted to leave out the words “under God” in his rendition of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address filmed for a website put together by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.
It’s a curious omission, particularly because, according to eyewitnesses, Lincoln is said to have used the words “under God” when he delivered the address on November 19, 1863 — 150 years ago Tuesday.
The Daily Caller updated the story and said:
The “Learn the Address” website notes that “We asked President Obama to read … the ‘Nicolay Version’” of the Gettysburg Address, which omits the words “under God.” That disclosure does not appear alongside Obama’s video on the site.
Additionally, a November 15, 2013 cached version of the site does not show that disclosure. WETA, which runs the “Learn the Address” project, has not yet responded to The Daily Caller’s request for comment.
Why am I skeptical about this being true?

From reports I have seen, over 60 people participated in the reading of the Gettysburg Address, and only one omitted the words "under God."

Richard Milhous Obama.

Why? Obama has had a history of this contempt toward Christianity before.  Need proof?

Obama has said America is "no longer a Christian nation.

and mocked the Bible.

When he spoke at Georgetown University in 2009, the name of Jesus was covered up on the request of the White House, according to university officials.

Obama has also omitted the word "Creator" from the Declaration of Independence and the words "under God" were left out of the Pledge of Allegiance during his second Inauguration.

We know also Obama's Department of Homeland Insecurity has labeled Christians as domestic terrorists.

So despite the best efforts of Ken Burns (an Obamabot) and others to say this was an accident, I don't believe it was, based on Obama's past history of hostility towards Christianity.

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