Friday, November 15, 2013

New Video Shows More Examples Of Obamacare Navigators Encouraging Fraud

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas have released another video showing Obamacare navigators encouraging applicants to lie in order to avoid higher premiums (Capitol City Project).
Today, Project Veritas released a second investigation exposing more Obamacare navigators counseling applicants to lie and cheat the health care system by erroneously reporting income status, health history, and more,” Project Veritas wrote.
They continue, “Critics said the first video was an isolated incident so we decided to visit with even more navigators funded by your American tax dollars. What we found was disturbing and showed a clear pattern of fraud through the Obamacare navigator program.”
Within the new video, Obamacare Navigators in Texas yet again counsel the reporters to lie in order to avoid higher premiums.
“To get a lower premium, I wouldn’t include it…that’s my money,” Obamacare Navigator Kris McCray from Change Happens in Houston, Texas, advises the reporter of the cash she ‘earned’ on the side but failed to report in her taxes. “I would just try to get that number as low as you can. It would help you qualify for more stuff as far as aid and stuff like that.”

“Do you report this on your taxes?” asks Claudia Flamand of the North Texas Area Community Health Center in Fort Worth, Texas. After the reporter says that he does not, she responds by telling him not to worry. “So if you don’t report it…It’s the same with people who clean houses…Yeah, they don’t report the taxes, they don’t report that income,” she says.
That’s not all.
“So if you don’t claim the income, you don’t have to,” a Navigator from the Community Health Centers of South Central Texas advises. “Are you sure they won’t find out?” asks the undercover reporter. The Navigator reassures that no one will find out.
From the looks of it, these are hardly the isolated incidents that some have claimed.

This is reminiscent of the ACORN exposes that O'Keefe and Project Vertias did and put them on the map for video exposes of corruption.  Liberals like Juan Williams better watch what they say about "isolated incidents," because I'm sure there's more where this comes from. 

And it may be more ammunition we need to get rid of this failed Obamacare law.

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