Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Johnny Come Lately" McCain Now Endorses Obamacare Repeal After Opposing Ted Cruz For Trying That

A little over a month ago, when two freshmen US Senators--Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Colorado--went on the Senate floor in a valiant effort to warn the American public of the oncoming disaster of Obamacare and attempting to defund the law, they were undercut by some of the Establishment GOP.

Some of that "friendly fire" came from the liberal's favorite Republican, Sen. John McLame.
McCain also recalled the the 2009-2010 debate over Obamacare -- before Cruz was elected to the Senate -- saying "the people spoke" on the issue when they reelected President Barack Obama in 2012. McCain said lawmakers shouldn't "give up our efforts to repair Obamacare" but said it wasn't worth shutting down the government.
"We fought as hard as we could in a fair and honest manner and we lost," McCain said. "One of the reasons was because we were in the minority, and in democracies, almost always the majority governs and passes legislation."
McCain said he "was extremely proud" of the anti-Obamacare effort by lawmakers and said they shouldn't "give up our efforts to repair Obamacare," but said it wasn't worth shutting down the government.
One month ago, McLame wanted to "repair" Obamacare.  Now, "Johnny Come Lately" has said there needs to be a "full repeal" of this disastrous law (The Blaze).
After repeatedly bashing senators like Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) over their crusade to defund Obamacare, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called for the “total repeal” of the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday. It’s a quick turnaround after the longtime senator, in September, proclaimed that it was “not rational” to think Obamacare could be defunded or repealed.
McCain outlined his “solution” during an interview with Greta Van Susteren, which culminated in an admission that the law should be repealed completely.
“The solution is, first of all, to let people keep their insurance if they want to,” he said. “Or at least reinstate them.”
He continued: “Second of all, let the insurance companies give a menu of whatever they want to provide. Third of all, medical savings account. Fourth of all, medical malpractice reform. Let people go across state lines to, in order to, if they can get a better insurance policy in another state. And remove this whole tax incentive for employers to provide employees health insurance.”
“That is repeal,” Van Susteren said, pointing out the obvious.
“That’s exactly right,” McCain replied. “That is total repeal in every other way. Because what Obamacare is, is an experiment in social engineering — in other words, making healthy people pay more…in order to subsidize the health care for people that are older and unhealthy. That is the ultimate in social engineering.”

Well, welcome aboard the bandwagon, Johnny Boy! It would have helped out more a month ago when we had some real leaders trying to kill this law if you'd been on their side then, instead of kneecapping them to the cheers of the Democrats and their media lapdogs.

You owe Senators Cruz and Lee, and the American public an apology!

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