Monday, November 18, 2013

I Partially Agree With Bob Woodward: Obamacare Isn't Watergate

Bob Woodward was on Fox News Sunday yesterday and said the following about the Obamacare rollout (Politico).
“What this is, it’s a mess, clearly, but what it isn’t, and I think you have to look at the question of motive. And the president’s motive here, even though there were deep problems with the implementation, he wants to do something good for 30 million people and get them health insurance,” Woodward said on “Fox News Sunday.” “So this isn’t Watergate, this isn’t [Bill] Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.”

So, looking at Woodward's last sentence, and the headline of the Politico article, I agree...Obamacare isn't like Watergate or even MonicaGate.

It's worse.  That's where Woodward is off the mark.

Watergate and Lewinskygate were all political scandals. The only thing affected in Watergate was the Democrat Party headquarters. The only thing affected in Lewinskygate was a blue dress.

Obamacare was a Bernie Madoff style Ponzi scheme that has affected the lives of millions of Americans, being defrauded from their health insurance, and the same thing will happen next year to millions more next year once the employer mandate kicks in. That doesn't include those who have lost their jobs or had their hours cut because of this failed, risky healthcare scheme. The entire premise of Obamacare was knowingly based on a lie, from many of the same people who, without any proof, accused President George W. Bush of going to war with Iraq on lies.

Woodward makes the same mistake I've heard a lot of Republican establishment types make, that the Obama Regime is incompetence on display. Obama is a President who is in over his head. That is incorrect and a fatal mistake to make.  Woodward completely ignores how Obama's stated goal has always been single-payer insurance.  If Obamacare was designed to fail, it was done with the intent of ushering in single-payer health care.

But media liberals like Woodward don't consider it a scandal because liberals base everything on "good intentions."  That's what Woodward is using. But we've seen what the end result has been on motives based on "good intentions" or "altruism."

Consider the courtroom speech in The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, where Howard Roark (the protagonist) said:
“The ‘common good’ of a collective—a race, a class, a state—was the claim and justification of every tyranny ever established over men. Every major horror of history was committed in the name of an altruistic motive. ...A humanitarian who starts with declarations of love for mankind and ends with a sea of blood. It goes on and will go on so long as men believe that an action is good if it is unselfish. That permits the altruist to act and forces his victims to bear it. The leaders of collectivist movements ask nothing for themselves. But observe the results.
Isn't that what Obamacare is? The destruction of the private healthcare system in order for everyone--the poor, the underserved--to have the same healthcare insurance as those of us who provide for ourselves do?
Obamacare is just like Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and the IRS / Tea Party targeting. They are all scandals that surpass the level of any other political scandal in US history, because the lives and livelyhoods of American citizens have been in the balance.  The only difference is, liberals and Democrats have such a tribe mentality ("My party, right or wrong") and are so tied to their ideology they will not allow or consider that Obamacare is a giant fraud.
That includes Bob Woodward and the Obama Lapdog media, who will turn their head at any Democrat scandal that they would be screaming righteous indignation about if it was a Republican.

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