Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fox News Elitists O'Reilly & Bernie Goldberg Attack Tea Party Again

Former SeeBS reporter Bernie Goldberg has become the very thing he's railed against, since his 2001 expose Bias...a media elitist who has contempt for those with traditional, conservative views.

Goldberg, appearing last night on Fox News' "The Blowhard Factor" with Bill "Loofah" O'Reilly, launched into another attack on The Tea Party (Mediaite).
Bernard Goldberg joined Bill O’Reilly Monday night to address what he believes is a “potentially fatal split” in the Republican party’s immediate future. He said that if the tea party keeps rejecting anyone who isn’t basically Ted Cruz for the 2016 presidential nomination, the party’s going to be in some big trouble and invite in a strong Democratic victory.
O’Reilly framed the fight as a “classic moderate Republican versus hard-right Republican” feud, and Goldberg rejected the “ideological rigidity” of people who will sit on their hands and refuse to vote for a Republican presidential nominee if they aren’t sufficiently conservative enough. And this is what led Goldberg to accuse these tea partiers of being the real RINOs in the GOP.
“As far as the tea partiers are concerned, anybody to the left of Ted Cruz is a RINO… but you know what? The real RINOs are the real people in the tea party and on the hard right, because they have made it clear over and over again that their allegiance is not to the Republican party, but to their particular brand of conservatism, so they’re the RINOs.”
Hey Bernie, you moron, wake up! You know what we had in Virginia a week ago? We had a gubernatorial candidate here who narrowly lost being elected governor due in part to the moderate Republicans (thanks to Sour Grapes Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling) and the RNC refusing to support his campaign. So, who is being ideologically rigid, Bernie?  It wasn't conservatives or Tea Party types in Virginia. It was elitist, country-club, establishment Republicans.

This kind of garbage is one of the reasons I finally quit watching O'Reilly the Eight PM Blowhard years ago.  He has attacked conservative talk show hosts, (on more than one occasion), scolded Tea Party Express spokesperson Amy Kremer during the effort to defund Obamacare, said conservatives opposed intervention in Syria because they "wanted to hurt Obama," even calling us "loons" and also called those who opposed gay marriage "Bible thumpers."


All that venom spewed on the supposedly "conservative" Fox News? O'Reilly and Goldberg sound like far-Left liberals in their attacks on the Tea Party.

Sorry Bill, you're not "looking out for the folks." Especially when you attack private citizens of this nation who make up the Tea Party, and those in Congress who represent our values.

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