Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Democrats Stealing Virginia AG Election, RNC Is Silent

Did you ever notice that, whenever there's a close vote count (the Washington State governor's race in 2004, the Al Franken/Norm Coleman Senate race in 2008), the story goes like this...Republican leads, votes are mysteriously found, Democrat wins.

It happens all the time.  It's happening now in the Virginia Attorney General's race, where Republican Mark Obenshain was leading by almost 1,000 votes, but now liberal DemonRAT Mark Herring is leading by 117 votes.
As of Tuesday night, Democrat Mark R. Herring maintains the lead in the Virginia Attorney General race by 106 votes, according to the State Board of Elections website. As per the AP, prior to tonight, he had been leading by 117 votes.
Republican Mark R. Obenshain got 103 votes from Fairfax county based on provisional ballots, and two 272 ballots total were counted -- 271 provisional ballots and one absentee ballot.
The final tally will be certified on November 25. On that day, the candidate who does not win has ten days to decide whether he wants a recount.
Meanwhile, the RNC is silent about this.  Why?  Why was Virginia and now this important race being thrown under the bus by Reince Priebus?  This is why he needs to go.  We need a party leadership of street fighters against the 'Rats, not these wimpish eunuchs who are only willing to fight conservatives and Tea Party types.

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