Saturday, October 05, 2013

World War II Vets From Arkansas & Ohio Visit Their Memorial Despite Obama's Barry-Cades

World War II vets from Arkansas and Ohio were able to visit the National World War II Memorial on the DC Mall this afternoon, despite the Barry-Cades put up by the petulant Rodeo-Clown Richard Milhous Obama because of the government shutdown.

Gates were put up around the open air memorial, which the National Park Service stated was open 24 hours on their website (before the Obama/Reid Shutdown began.  Yesterday, it was reported that the Barry-Cades were wired shut around the WWII Memorial, as well as the Vietnam Memorial.

Two Congressmen from Arkansas spoke to press about the shutdown.'

And members of the 2Million Bikers, who rallied to ride to DC on 9/11, came by before the Arkansas WWII vets arrived.

Park Service officials who were there mentioned to onlookers that the park was closed, but that it was open for First Amendment purposes.

More photos of the vets visiting the memorial they built.

Today was the birthday of the man in the wheelchair below.  The crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

A group photo of the Arkansas Honor Flight.

It was an honor to be with these heroes and welcome them to their memorial.


John Ruberry said...

Great pics. I'm glad you were there too.

MaroonedinMarin said...

Thanks John!

najamonline4u said...

this is a great post on Vietnamese memorials. removes the gates and barriers Obama!