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Washington ComPost Endorses "Pragmatic, Moderate" McAuliffe. Really? Did They Forget Wellstone Memorial?

After months of acting like the campaign PR firm of Terrible Terry McAuliffe, the Washington ComPost showed once again how their claim of being "An Independent Newspaper" on their editorial page is false, as they endorse the former DNC Chair and leader of Bill Clinton's Hillbilly Mafia as Virginia's next governor.

The ComPost editorial board's reasoning for endorsing McAwful is laughable.

We share Virginians’ misgivings about the candidates, but for us the decision is clear: Terry McAuliffe, his flaws notwithstanding, represents continuity in a state that has been well served by comity, compromise and political coexistence between the parties. Mr. Cuccinelli, the most partisan, truculent and doctrinaire attorney general in memory, represents an assault on those same customs. That’s why a number of prominent fellow Republicans, including Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, have refused to support him, in an astonishing display of intra-party dissent.
The ComPost editorial board must be talking about a different Terry McAwful.  The one I've seen since the year 2000 fits the description that liberal rag uses to smear Republican Ken Cuccinelli. Of the two candidates, McAwful has the biggest history of being "partisan and truculent."

And don't bring up the refusal of Bill Bolling to endorse Ken Cuccinelli. Bolling's refusal to endorse is simply a display of political sour grapes.  Bolling is part of the problem in the Republican Party...the establishment "good old boy" who expected the party nod based on the reasoning "it's his turn."  When Bolling didn't get "his turn," he acted like a spoiled three-year-old, took his toys and went home. Bolling showed his true colors when, as Mitt RomneyCare's state campaign chair, he refused to allow Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry on the 2012 Virginia primary ballot because of a last minute rule change that disqualified them.  When Cuccinelli tried to remedy the situation, Bolling came down hard on him.

Terry McAuliffe's Hyper-Partisan Liberalism

McAwful came to head the DNC in 2001 on the basis of his unethical fundraising for the Clintons, including using the Lincoln Bedroom as if the White House was Billy Jeff's private brothel.  McAwful lanched the 2000 DNC convention with partisan attacks on GOP nominee George W. Bush, and continued the sour grapes and partisan snipes over the 2000 election in his February 2001 DNC chair acceptance speech. Other examples of McAwful's ultra partisan low blows include claiming Dick Cheney was drunk in the 2006 shooting accident of Cheney's friend in a hunting accident in Texas.  McAwful even endorsed the 9/11 blood libel in Michael Moore's anti-American "documentary" Fahrenheit 9/11.

But one event in 2002 that occurred during McAwful's chairmanship of the DNC showed not only how partisan the DNC became under his leadership, but also the lack of a moral compass McAwful has.  It was the October 2002 public memorial service of late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, who'd been killed days earlier in an airplane crash.
The memorial service for Wellstone and the other victims of the crash was held in Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota and was broadcast live on national TV. The lengthy service was dotted with political speeches, open advocacies for then-current political issues, and a giant beach ball batted around the crowd in the style of a beach party. Many high profile politicians attended the memorial, including former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, and more than half of the U.S. Senate. The White House offered to send Vice-President Dick Cheney to the service, but the Wellstone family declined.

McAwful denied he or the DNC had anything to do with this debacle, instead, he blamed...the Wellstone family for the overtly political tone.
"This memorial service was planned by the Wellstone family," he quickly added, after MTP host Tim Russert flashed video of Bill and Hillary Clinton whooping it up along with the rest of the raucous crowd.

"It was not planned by the state party or anyone involved in politics," insisted the DNC chief.

In fact, said McAuliffe, he was as stunned as anybody else that the Wellstones had tried to make political hay over the tragedy.

"I was there. I happened to be there. I went into what was to be a memorial service," complained the DNC chief. "As soon as they put Paul Wellstone's picture up there. 20,000 people - many of them young people I haven't seen active in politics for a long time - were up. Listen, the Wellstone family has apologized as well as Walter Mondale's campaign. It was inappropriate."

McAuliffe even went so far as to suggest that Wellstone's relatives had a hand in the rally's ugliest moment, when Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott was booed by the crowd.

"You never boo anybody," the DNC chief told Russert. "But [as] I say, it was planned by the Wellstone family.
But that's not the story Capitol Hill Blue (broken link, text from FreeRepublic) reported, claiming McAuliffe was involved in the memorial service turned pep rally.  One Freeper even overheard Deomonrat strategist Bob Shrum writing up the eulogy while riding on a train from Boston.
Political operatives at the Democratic National Committee in Washington developed the plan to turn the memorial service for Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone into a political rally, top party sources tell Capitol Hill Blue.
The party also urged the Wellstone family to ask Vice President Dick Cheney to not attend the service and concocted the excuse that security for the VP would disrupt the event even though Secret Service security was required for former president Bill Clinton, who was invited and who did attend.
Rick Kahn, the Wellstone campaign worker and friend, worked the highly partisan crowd into a frenzy with strong rhetoric urging them to get out and elect replacement candidate Walter Mondale.
"That was the plan all along and it was one of the reasons we didn't want Cheney at the event," says one Democratic political operative who spoke only under promise that his name not be used. "It was a high stakes gamble but this is a campaign that demands high risks."
The secret plan was developled at the DNC headquarters in Washington and approved by party chairman Terry McAuliffe, the source said.
Kahn was then briefed and urged to turn the memorial event into a political rally. Wellstone campaign manager Jeff Blodgett's apology Wednesday afternoon was also part of the plan, designed to provide party deniability, the sources said.
"There were two agendas at work," one source said. "We needed to draw attention to the election. Between the sniper and Iraq, the election has been lost in the news. And then we needed to energize the Democratic base and Wellstone supporters in Minnesota."
While Kahn's firey rhetoric, and walkouts by Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and GOP Senate Leader Trent Lott, fueled controversy, Democratic political operatives in Washington congratulated each other Wednesday.
"Mission accomplished" was the message of the day at the DNC and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee offices.
Sources within both committees also said the Wellstone event is only the beginning of plans for media-generating activities through the election next week.
"This is war," one operative said. "The Republicans are too busy planning war on Iraq. They won't even see us coming."

Blaming a grieving family for your own political miscalculation.  Terry McAwful is the kind of lowlife who'd pass loud, smelly gas in a small room, point to the person next to him and shout, "He farted!"

But you can tell a lot about the moral compass of such a person, like "Terrible" Terry McAwful. The kind of person who'd leave his wife crying in the car on the way home from giving birth to their son, just to stop at a campaign fundraiser.

The kind of person who'd invest in a company (Global Crossings) and make a huge profit while others lost their pensions and savings.

Even worse, the kind of person who'd invest in a scheme that preyed on the terminally ill.

That's who the Washington ComPost endorses as Governor of Virginia?  Why?  Just because McAwful has a "D" by his name makes it OK?

No, it doesn't.

But the Compost has ignored that, just as they've ignored all of McAwful's other shady deals.  The only thing that matters is his party name and his identity to Bill Clinton, the mythology of the "moderate" Democrat.  One who is anything but moderate. McAwful would be a puppet of Richard Milhous Obama, supporting Obamacare and the expansion of Medicaid in Virginia. He would hurt the coal industry, and is a theat to the Second Amendment rights of Virginians.  McAwful is a pro-abortion extremist also, including getting funding and campaign support from Klan Parenthood.

No, we don't need California or New York ultra-liberal values in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We DON'T NEED Terry McAwful as governor.

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