Friday, October 18, 2013

(VIDEO) Must See Ad Attacking McAuliffe & Liberal Cabal Seeking To Take Over Virginia

Rush Limbaugh played this ad on his radio show today that is a must see and must spread around to undecided voters in Virginia.(Don't Let Them Detroit Virginia)

ANNOUNCER #1:  Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is a stand in for a national power grab by the  Gang of Five.  Just as the Obama administration uses federal agencies to suppress dissent and violate the civil rights of their political opponents, these extreme liberals are smearing Republicans because they have a hidden far left agenda. The Gang of Five is bringing divisive, Chicago-style politics to Virginia.  McAuliffe is an embarrassment, yet he gets a free ride from the elite media because he's being propped up by the Clintons, Obama and the Gang of Five. 
They will continue political smearing, spending millions to impose a New Yorker and left wing embed on Virginia. Tell these McAuliffe puppeteers: "This is Virginia and we won't let you Detroit us with taxes and debt; you will not California Virginia with regulations that kill jobs; or Hollywood our families and schools; you will not bring District of Columbia tax and spend to our state."  Tell them: "You can't have Virginia." 
ANNOUNCER #2:  Fight For Tomorrow is responsible for the content of this advertising.
Rush noted:
This ad ran for a while, and it's not on the air now, and some people are making a push to try to get it back on the air because it does cause a massive swing.  I want you to listen to this again, because isn't this the kind of thing you think the Republican Party ought to be doing? The Republican Party did not do this.  I don't believe that the Republican Party did this.  My memory on this is from something I read about this ad two or three weeks ago, and I don't think the Republican Party of Virginia is doing this. 
It's out-of-state people who are doing it. But here's the swing on this vote, the ballot movement, after people view this ad one time.  Republican voters increase for Cuccinelli by plus eight.  Democrat voters increase for Cuccinelli plus four.  It creates a massive swing for Cuccinelli.  Independents, plus two.  Women, plus four.  That means McAuliffe loses four points among women when this ad is seen by people in the focus group.  Men, a plus-five swing.  People over 40, plus-six swing.  The overall ballot is a plus-five swing. 
The ad was done by a group called Fight for Tomorrow, and it's a group independent of Cuccinelli.  Now, listen to it again and tell me if this isn't what you think the Republican Party ought to be doing about every Democrat candidate.  (replaying of bite)  Fight for Tomorrow is the group. Again, it causes massive swing, overall plus five, to Ken Cuccinelli, who is a conservative, a good conservative Republican candidate in Virginia. 

We need to get this ad back on the air and circulating among voters in Virginia.  Terry McAwful, the Clintons and the radical Left Democrat Party need to be stopped.

Where is the Republican Party nationally and statewide in Virgina during this important election?  Mark this right now, but I have a bad feeling about this.  I'll mention it on November 5th as the votes are being tallied, but I hope I'm wrong.

Election Day is almost two weeks away and we need to make a difference.

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