Tuesday, October 15, 2013

(VIDEO) Look How Obama & His Lapdog Media Treated Our Veterans

The video below is from The Kelly File on Fox News of the Million Vets Rally at the World War II Memorial in DC this past Sunday.

Apparently, the Obama Lapdog Media are out smearing these veterans and concerned citizens, trying to claim it is all a bunch of "Tea Party" racists who hate the fact a black man is in the White House.

Really? That type of thinking is as ignorant and racist as if someone actually didn't like the President based on his skin color.

But look at this video, and how these vets who sacrificed for our nation and our way of life get emotional as to how this Obama Regime treats that sacrifice.  And to see them being pushed around by a bunch of riot police who act like Obama's Gestapo is even more sickening.

Megyn Kelly talked to filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch about the day and what he saw.  Lynch feels the appearance of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz there wasn't appropriate.  I don't entirely agree. I think any public servant, regardless of party, should be outraged by this purposeful inconveniencing of our veterans by the Obama Spite House, just to make a political point.

It's also an illustration too, of where certain politicians stand.  No Democrats were at this rally for those who defended our nation.  But Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, showed up a few days earlier to stand with those who broke our immigration laws at a rally for them allowed by the Obama Regime.  Tells me a lot about how Democrats feel about our veterans.

And to the Obama Media, namely CNN, MSNBC and the Washington ComPost.  If this had been a Republican President and a left-wing rally, it would have been plastered all over the front pages in glowing coverage.  But since it was a rally against their false Messiah Obama, it has to be destroyed or ignored.  Kind of like how Obama's 37 percent approval rating is ignored by the media, but Wolf Blitzer was near orgasmic when George W. Bush reached 36 percent approval rating.

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