Friday, October 11, 2013

MUST SEE FOR VIRGINIANS: Fa$t Terry McAuliffe by Citizens United

Fellow Virginians, watch this and pass around.

Is this who you (judging from the polls) want for your governor?

This guy, the leader of Bill Clinton's Hillbilly Mafia, has slimeball written all over him.  He's as shifty and slimy as the worst used-car salesman down the street.  He, along with the Washington Macaca and several smaller newspapers in Virginia, are selling you a lemon.

And to cover up all his shady deals, his lies, his corruption, he puts on his Halloween mask to scare Virginia women with the Obama 2012 "War on Women" playbook, putting the fear in them that Ken Cuccinelli is coming after their vaginas and birth control.

If there's a war on women, it's the one McAwful waged against his wife.  Politics, even the arrival of a new child, last (BuzzFeed).

Dorothy was starting to well up in the backseat. She was having trouble understanding how I could be taking my wife and newborn baby to a fund-raiser on our way home from the hospital. We got to the dinner and by then Dorothy was in tears, and I left her with Justin and went inside. Little Peter was sleeping peacefully and Dorothy just sat there and poor Justin didn’t say a word. He was mortified. I was inside maybe fifteen minutes, said a few nice things about Marty, and hurried back out to the car. I felt bad for Dorothy, but it was a million bucks for the Democratic Party and by the time we got home and the kids had their new little brother in their arms, Dorothy was all smiles and we were one big happy family again. Nobody ever said life with me was easy.

We cannot have this for our governor.  And a vote for that libertarian Robert Sarvis is a vote for McAwful.

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