Friday, October 25, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli Takes On The "Abortion Clinics" Lies Spread By Klan Parenthood & Terry McAuliffe

Just as they did in the 2012 elections, the Democrat Party is using the disingenuous "War on Women" lies against Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who is running for Governor against Democrat "Terrible" Terry McAwful.

McAwful has been supported by Cecile Richards (daughter of the late Texas Governor Ann "Ma" Richards), who is the head of Klan Parenthood and has run slanderous ads against Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli took on all those lies in this must see appearance with a group of women in Virginia Beach.

This ad needs to get some serious play, because McAwful and his liberal allies like Klan Parenthood have mounted a massive smear campaign, since McAwful has a lot of corruption and sleazy deals he wants to hide.

Plus, if "Terrible" Terry McAwful really cared about women, why will he be campaigning with his good friend--sexual predator and alleged rapist, (impeached) former President Bill Clinton?

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