Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is The National & Virginia GOP Sabotaging Ken Cuccinelli? Is Obama Using Campaign Swing To Vindicate Obamacare

Remember on October 18, I wrote:
Where is the Republican Party nationally and statewide in Virgina during this important election?  Mark this right now, but I have a bad feeling about this.
I stated I'd talk more about it on Election night, but I'll mention it here tonight, one week from Election Day, as the Washington ComPost is orgasmic, saying that "Terrible" Terry McAwful has a double digit lead against Ken Cuccinelli in the polls.  Other polls have shown it much closer.  The fact that "Slick Willie" Clinton came into the state recently has some thinking that it is much closer than the ComPost (who have been the McAwful PR Firm on the Potomac) claims.

I know, it's a poll, and the most important one comes on Election Day. That means you and I need to get out and vote, and continue to spread the word.

Then, this morning, it was learned that President Richard Milhous Obama will be campaigning for McAwful in Virginia.  A lot of people I saw on conservative message boards felt Obama coming to campaign shows McAwful is really not doing well.  But I have an uneasy feeling about Obama's visit, which I will also explain.

I still believe Ken Cuccinelli is a great candidate and a solid conservative who needs the support of not just Republicans here in the Commonwealth of Virginia (and from around the nation) but also anyone regardless of party who believes in liberty and limited government. Terry McAwful is a corrupt, smooth operator who would make even the worst used car salesman seem ethical, by standards. Don't forget that McAwful is part of the Clinton machine, who ushered in the most hyper partisan, far-Left slant of the Democrat Party in the 1990s.

McAwful, being the former DNC Chair, has a big Rolodex with donors whom he can get on the phone can call in some chits, in the form of donations to his campaign. So he can run smear and after smear ad full of lies, and people will believe them.

But in the last few weeks, I've been asking myself where has been the response from the national GOP, as well as the Virginia Republican Party, to McAwful's smear attacks on Cuccinelli?  I even posed the same question to a Reston GOP volunteer at the local Giant store almost two weekends ago.  He even told me they could use a lot more money from the national party.

I have a theory and I hope (for the sake of Virginia and the nation) I'm proven wrong next Tuesday. Given the hostility toward the big business GOP donors and many GOP establishment candidates toward the Tea Party, I believe this animosity has spread to this important race. Which begs the question. Is the national and Virginia state Republican Party withholding support from their three candidates in Virginia in order to further the idea (from the Karl Roves and other RINOs) that conservative candidates are "unwinnable?"

Remember the "good old boy establishment" choice to run for Governor this year was Lt. Governor Bill Bolling. But the nomination format changed from a state-wide primary to selection of candidates at the state GOP meeting. Bolling wasn't chosen and had already sat out 2009 so that current Virgina Gov. Bob McDonnell could run.  Since the "it's his turn" argument didn't work out for Bolling and the country club Republican establishment, he aired his sour grapes, took his toys and stomped off, vowing not to endorse either candidate. Bolling also complained of the "rightward" leaning of today's GOP, and one of his strategists has endorsed McAwful.  When McAwful lost an important endorsement by a Northern Virginia Tech PAC, the ComPost claimed Bolling was one of the people trying to bully the group in favor of reversing the endorsement to McAwful's favor.  It seems that, while not personally endorsing him, Bolling has been in the shadows pulling for McAwful.

We saw back in 2012 how faux conservative Bolling was on the side of the establishment GOP, when he infamously stood behind a last minute rule change in the 2012 Presidential Primary that kept Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich from qualifying for the Virginia ballot. Why? Bolling was the state campaign chair for the establishment's choice of Mitt Romney's campaign. You could tell Bolling was no conservative, plus, the lengths he went to in order to keep anyone else but Ron Paul out was telling.  And when Ken Cuccinelli tried to remedy the situation to be fair to the others, Bolling chided Cuccinelli in the press.

So, as we saw in some of the Senate races (Alaska, Delaware) and in Indiana in 2012, I believe the establishment Republican Party in Virginia and nationally is sabotaging the GOP ticket in Virginia out of spite, because it was picked by grassroots conservatives and not the establishment good old boys. Forgetting the "Eleventh Commandment," they are purposely dividing the party so they can point to a Cuccinelli loss to make the case that Tea Party candidates cannot win. Conversely, they will point to the re-election in New Jersey of "Krispy Kreme" Chris Christie as proof of what the GOP should be more like and begin to prop him up for 2016 as the establishment choice.

Call it a long shot, but I'm really suspicious of today's Republican Party, which cares more about being liked by the "Inside the Beltway" establishment and media, instead of being a party that has principles and actually stands for something.  We saw it in how they attacked any candidate to the right of Romney in 2012, how they moved to exclude the grassroots in party decision making at the RNC 2012 Convention, and the establishment's (and their big business donors) hostility toward the Tea Party after the shutdown earlier this month.

And Obama coming to Virginia?  What Obama is doing would be to use a potential McAwful win as vindication of his Presidency of "pass the buck" and trainwreck of Obamacare, never mind that he and the Democrat Party knowingly lied when they promised Americans that if they liked their current health insurance, they could keep it.

If, God help us, McAwful is elected, we will have a mess on our hands in Virginia.  A corrupt, wheeler-dealer who wants to push for Medicaid expansion as part of Obamacare, will raise taxes higher, take guns away, go to war with coal companies (that will raise energy costs), and make sure abortion on demand happens, even in Kermit Gosnell-style clinics. All as an endorsement of the extreme, freedom-killing agenda of the Obama Regime.

And the establishment Republican Party, to their shame, seems comfortable with the prospect of all McAwful's liberal agenda and acting as Obama's puppet, because at least it's not one of those "unacceptable" Tea Party types.  No wonder the Republican brand is losing appeal, because as freedom and liberty slowly slips away, they have become too afraid and timid to defend it.

But don't take these fears being aired by me as defeatism, take it as motivation to do all you can until next Tuesday, to defeat not only McAwful and Obama, but also the "go along to get along" country-club Republican establishment plus their corporatist sugar daddies, and make them listen as well to "We the People."

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