Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hatemonger Alan Grayson Compares Tea Party To Democrat's KKK, Where's Reince To Condemn?

That walking liberal human sewer known as Alan Grayson from Florida went down into the sludge to throw out another attack.

This time, against the Tea Party (Legal Insurrection).
We’ve seen years of offensive name calling and antics from Alan Grayson.
He called a Federal reserve lobbyist a whore, and most famously claimed that Republicans want people to die quickly.
Grayson’s latest, however, is his worst yet, via NRO, Dem Rep. Uses Burning KKK Cross to Depict Tea Party:
Representative Alan Grayson (D-Fl.) sent the following e-mail to his supporters yesterday. Image from Dave Levinthal…. 
Alan Grayson Email Tea Party Burning Cross
In the e-mail, Grayson explains that the Republican party, which is “the largest suicide pact in history,” is intent on bringing “about the End of Days as quickly as possible.” The Tea Party, Grayson added, “is no more popular than the Klan.” To illustrate the latter point, he included a picture of a burning crosss that looks like a T, and added ”ea Party” onto the end for good measure.
What a poisonous man.
Grayson also attacked Republican Daniel Webster (who defeated the lib in 2010) as "Taliban Dan" in a campaign ad when he took out of context a video of Webster quoting the "Wives submit to your husbands" Bible verse at a Christian gathering.  So we know he's bigoted towards Christians as well.

In addition, Grayson is ignorant of the fact that the Ku Klux Klan was once a part of his party. In fact, the 1924 Democrat Convention was dubbed the "Klanbake Convention" due to the heavy influence of the Klan. Longtime Democrat Senator Robert "Sheets' Byrd (D-KKK), who died in 2010, was a KKK recruiter in the 1940s.

One historian even called the Klan "the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party."

But this whole race baiting against the Tea Party is nothing new.  Back in 2009, some leftists put flyers on cars outside a health-care rally in Reston, VA.

Then there was the infamous "phantom n-word" allegation against the Tea Party on Capitol Hill. Not to mention all the recent uncivil rhetoric used against the Tea Party recently during the shutdown ("Hostage holders" "suicide bombers" "demanding ransom" "holding a gun to the head.") that was uttered by the President and other Democrats.

My question...where is the RNC leader, Reince Preibus in all this? Why isn't he and other members of the Republican Party on TV demanding an apology and a retraction against this hate speech and similar words, like comparisons to Nazis that even DNC chair "Thunderlips" Debbie Wasserman-Schultz used when protesting a black man named Allen West (a former Congressman and Tea Party favorite).

A lot of us are getting tired of this defensive nature by people like Preibus, who (to quote my mother) has "the personality of a cold commode seat."  When the "phantom n-word" was claimed by the Congressional Black Caucus, the first instinct of that crybaby John Boehner was to apologize and condemn...the Tea Party, before all the facts were known.  And of course if any Republican or conservative utters something demeaning (witness Rush Limbaugh and the Sandra the Fluke brouhaha), Democrats are endlessly demanding apologies, and endlessly lecturing about "civility" in a way that never applies to them.

So where are you, Reince? It's time to go on offense. No wonder the Tea Party and GOP get so much backlash because your silence on this only makes these false allegations stick.  If you're not willing to stand up and fight, get out of the way.  Let's get a street fighter in there to take on these hateful liberal bastards.  Because it's not just your electoral future at stake, it's the future of the nation.

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