Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Cuccinelli Ad Highlights McAuliffe's Support Of Obama EPA's War On Coal

Ken Cuccinelli released an ad yesterday after "Terrible" Terry McAwful had stated his support for Richard Milhous Obama's EPA standards that would restrict coal power plants.

McAwful's support comes years after he'd stated back in his unsuccessful 2009 run for governor that he never wanted another coal power plant in Virginia.  Such a move would hurt poor Virginians who are employed in the coal industry (WashCompost). 
The Environmental Protection Agency issued rules last month limiting the amount of carbon that new coal- and gas-fired plants can emit, likely making it difficult for any new coal plants to be built in Virginia. McAuliffe (D) initially avoided taking a position on the rules but finally did last week.
“I do, you bet,” McAuliffe said when asked whether he supports the rules “as they are written right now.”
That quote is the centerpiece of Cuccinelli’s (R) new ad.
“Barack Obama’s war on coal is intensifying, threatening new government regulations that would outlaw coal plants,” the ad’s narrator says. “And as governor, Terry McAuliffe would support him.”
Next comes video of McAuliffe’s quote from last week, and the narrator says: “McAuliffe would side with Obama and kill Virginia coal, Virginia jobs.”

Not only would McAwful, as a puppet of Obama, hurt Virginia jobs, he'd also hurt the cost of living by driving up energy prices.

Which is why we don't need "Terrible" Terry in the governor's mansion.

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