Thursday, October 10, 2013

AUDIO: Rush Limbaugh Contrasts Obama's Incivility vs. His Tucson "Civility" Speech

Rush Limbaugh did something yesterday that showed the phoniness of Richard Milhous Obama (audio via Daily Rushbo).

Ladies and gentlemen, I had an idea yesterday.  That press conference that Obama did, it was juvenile. It was something that a spoiled rotten kid would do. It was petulant.  It certainly was not presidential.  He called that press conference for one reason:  to use the words "hostage," "bomb thrower," and "extremist" for an hour.  That's why he did the presser.  So I told Cookie, I said, "Will you put together a montage?  I want excerpts of Obama at the Gabby Giffords event, where he criticized this kind of behavior and where he urged everybody to stop this kind of talk, juxtaposed with what he himself said yesterday."  I want you to listen to it.  This is Barack Obama and our montage, Obama at the tribute for the shooting victims, January 8th, 2011, in Tucson, and yesterday.

So you tell me, folks, who is this guy? Is he the guy in Tucson or is he the guy from yesterday? He may be both. But who he was yesterday is who he really is. He showed up yesterday mad. He showed up yesterday ticked off, and he let everybody know at who he was mad, and why. But it was in no way intended to promote agreement, negotiation, or compromise. That's the last thing that Obama was attempting to do yesterday. All of that talk in Tucson was just a bunch of empty words. If you go to the foreign press, you will find accurate reports of what this press conference was and how embarrassing it was and how churlish and childish and how infantile it was.
Of course, we saw this back in 2011, in the months after he made that phony speech which was done in a way to use the tragedy over the Tucson shooting to slander the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, talk radio as angry hatemongers inspiring violence with their rhetoric.

The truth was that Obama, the Democrats and his liberal allies were the violent hatemongers.

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