Thursday, October 31, 2013

Attn. Virginia Voters: Robert Sarvis Is A Fraud Meant To Help McAuliffe Get Elected

A few more polls from yesterday show the Virginia governor's race tightening up, and hopefully that will be a good sign for Ken Cuccinelli.

But one adverse factor in this election has been the presence of Libertarian Robert Sarvis as a spoiler.  Now I know a lot of voters are dissastified with the Republican Party (and I understand why), thinking that a libertarian might be a better choice for a limited government candidate.

But you need not worry about that in Ken Cuccinelli. He has a solid, conservative record.  But you should know that Libertarian candidate Sarvis is a phony.

We now know who Robert Sarvis is and certainly not a genuine libertarian and more like a LINO (libertarian-in-name-only). Like with the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party over the past couple election cycles has put up candidates with no real principle (Gary Johnson and Bob Barr). Robert Sarvis is no exception to the rule. For one thing when it comes to fiscal issues while he sounds conservative he really isn’t. He doesn’t support tax cuts (actually supports new taxes on roads), he doesn’t oppose medicaid expansion and isn’t part of the Austrian Economics crowd. Rather calls himself “pro-business” and not pro-free markets. While the terms sound the same they’re really not. When someone is pro-business that doesn’t necessarily make them a friend of the free market.
Also there’s his positions on social issues. On abortion, he’s actually to the left of Democrats on this. After the Kermit Gosnell case the VA General Assembly passed by a wide margin new restrictions on abortion clinics making sure they weren’t health hazards. Even Democrats supported the measure by pretty good margins. Sarvis says he favors rolling them back which would only risk creating another Kermit Gosnell situation. While I personally disagree with pro-choice libertarians, I can at least accept their viewpoint. Sarvis however goes too far. On gay marriage, Sarvis favors legalizing it which isn’t truly libertarian. The true libertarian position is to get government out of the marriage business as reflected by Ron Paul.
So when you get down to it Robert Sarvis is really running as a centrist as goldwaterconservative points out in a recent diary of his. The closest to a genuine libertarian in the race is really Ken Cuccinelli. He was the first to sue Obamacare after it first passed, he’s fought against crony capitalism time and time again (which Terry McAuliffe is waist deep in) and overall has done more for individual liberty than a lot of other people in office have. This is cushioned by the endorsements of Ron and Rand Paul who’ve spoken very highly of Cuccinelli. I recently wrote a diary about the grime situation Cuccinelli’s campaign is facing lately, but I’ll try to keep open minded and see what actually happens on Nov. 5th. If Cuccinelli wins, it’s cause for celebration. If not don’t despair. The pro-liberty movement shall continue and will win in the end regardless what happens in VA. Hail liberty.

Jamie Radtke also had written this letter on her Facebook page recently, and it was reprinted at BVBL (excerpted below).
Robert Sarvis is a man who claims to be a Ron Paul libertarian, and yet he didn’t reach out to any of the Ron Paul leadership like Christ Stearns, Donna Holt or other C4L county leaders? Nobody knew of him enough to even know if he had ever been involved (before or now) in the Ron Paul /Liberty movement until he popped up on the screen to run as a Libertarian - and straight out of the gate as a statewide candidate for governor?! Very strange. However, Sarvis ran as a Republican for state senate, so we do know he embraced the Republican Party platform only two years ago. Those of us in the Tea Party/Liberty Movement have been slaving away for 5 years in Virginia to advance liberty – protests, lobbying, campaigns, education, outreach – and yet none of us have met Sarvis or seen him contribute to the TP/Liberty efforts over the last five years. We are constantly trying to recruit more help - especially in NOVA. I personally know thousands of ‘conservatarian’ activists and yet none of us had any clue about Sarvis until he decided he would run for governor. He has no track record. There is a reason why VA Beach Libertarian Party chairman Robert Dean, Donna Holt, Chris Stearns, Rand Paul, myself and many other Liberty folks are supporting Ken over Sarvis.

I’ve known too many politicians that say what you want to hear to get attention. I am not going down that road anymore. I will go with what I know, trust and who has PROVEN RESULTS. Ken has the track record that compares to very few in Virginia. He has fought battles for us (and has the scars to show it) that very few have been willing to undertake - including “conservative” Republicans. He has done it at his own peril. (In fact, the very reason Ken’s fundraising has been low is because the Establishment and big corporations know that Ken is ONE OF US and won’t give!!!) Sarvis, on the other hand, has no record of putting any skin in the game for our cause.

Lastly, I would like to make one final point. This statewide ticket is perceived by media and voters alike as the “Liberty/Tea Party Dream Ticket.” They say this because it was the Liberty/Tea Party activists that took over the Republican Party and nominated Ken Cuccinelli because we knew that he had championed our cause over the last several years. The results of this election will be a reflection on our movement, whether we like it or not. The media, Dems and GOP Establishment are already trying to write the obituary.

Realistically, there is about 3-6 point spread between Cucc/Mcawful right now that can be easily closed over the next several weeks with your help. The Liberty/TP movement can bring victory home – it will be a well-earned victory for all the work we have done over the last 5 years.

We have an opportunity to make a strong statement to the Establishment, but this election isn’t just about making a statement. We can actually further the cause of liberty over the next four years with the election of Ken Cuccinelli. Ken has a proven record of getting RESULTS for the liberty movement. When I think about all that he has accomplished as AG, I can’t wait to see actual results for the advancement of liberty with Ken as governor over the next four years.

I apologize for the length of this post, but I know better than to post some quick sound bite to persuade my thoughtful liberty-minded friends. It is great to promote liberty, but it is time to promote liberty AND get legislative results. Your vote for Ken will accomplish both. Your vote (and effort to bring others who are like minded to the polls) will determine the outcome. I pray you will join me in this effort.

So don't be fooled by Robert Sarvis. This is a liberal trick that seems have happened in a lot of races in 2012. I wouldn't be surprised is Sarvis is being funded by Democrat or liberal allies, running only for the purpose of helping McAwful win.

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