Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yesterday Proved Again How Much Obama Is Unfit For The Presidency

Joel Pollack wrote the following at Breitbart about Richard Milhous Obama's hyper partisan speech on the economy yesterday, as just a few miles away, a manhunt was on for the mass shooter at the Navy Yard who had killed 12 and wounded many others.
On Monday, while the death toll mounted at the Navy Yard, President Barack Obama delivered a strident partisan tirade against Republicans, using the fifth anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse to score political points ahead of the debt ceiling debate. It was an appalling act of division and insensitivity, and unlike George W. Bush's My Pet Goat moment on 9/11, it was a calculated abdication of leadership.
It was also an act that places Obama's passivity during the Benghazi attacks--and his decision to fly to Las Vegas the next day for a campaign fundraiser--in perspective. This is a president who, even as Navy Seals approached Osama bin Laden's hideout, retired to play cards with his pals. The image is of a man with little regard for the lives of Americans in "his" military, or their families, beyond their use as campaign props.
...Speaker of the House John Boehner said that Obama's speech was a "shame." Charles Krauthammer said that it was in "extremely bad taste." It was worse than that. It was an insult to the victims and their families, a slap in the face to the nation as a whole, a dereliction of the simplest duty of empathy and discretion. He may apologize--he ought to--but what Obama revealed about himself in that moment can never be undone.
There's more to Pollack's piece that bears reading, and shows who the true Obama is...not the media creation of this false Messiah that they continue to promote (and he lacks the humility or even ability as a supposed "committed Christian" to disavow).  One point Pollack drew upon was how Obama is supposed to be the leader of all of America.  That is something he even alluded to exactly one year ago when using a late-night talk show to beat up on Mitt Romney.

One year later, the same jerk who lectured Romney about how he learned the President "works for everybody" forgot his own words and launched into a vicious attack on those who want to fund all the government, except for his failed socialist health-care scheme while a tragedy was going on nearby.

The Washington Nationals cancelled their baseball game yesterday, and Harry Reid adjourned the Senate out of respect for the families.

But Richard Milhous Obama could not put politics aside for just one day, because he respects no one but Richard Milhous Obama.

Yet he'll use this tragedy to attack gun owners again.  You know he will.  His party and many of their "leaders" are acting like the human buzzards they are, swooping down to prey on a tragedy for their own political gain.

Think of it, Obama will attack conservatives, Tea Party members, and gun owners; yet today he will unilaterally waive a ban on arming terrorists and give weapons to al-Queda.  His InJustice Department will allow American guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels that have killed a US Border Patrol agent.  Obama considers half of America domestic enemies, yet he arms those who have attacked and killed Americans.

If we had leaders in an opposing party, if we had an honest media, the cries for impeaching and convicting this piece of offal should ring louder than they did during Nixon's time.

But those people are too busy making excuses for their little boy Messiah.  The rest of us who spent the last few years suspicious of and warning the rest of America had another confirmation of how much Obama is unfit to be President. He did not act like a President unifying a nation during a time of tragedy.  Instead, he acted like a common street thug, a narcissistic bordering-on-sociopathic, jerk who puts himself ahead of other people, including the nation he was supposed to represent.

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