Friday, September 27, 2013

Virginians: If You Vote "Terrible" Terry McAuliffe For Governor, You're Getting Obama

To my fellow Virginia residents.

This is a warning for you and about the choice we face in our election for Governor we face on November 5th.

If you vote for "Terrible" Terry McAwful, best known as the leader of Bill Clinton's Hillbilly Mafia, you're going to get Richard Milhous Obama running the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Need proof?  Here's a McAwful campaign poster I saw on a trip to the store in Reston, VA.

Because Terry McAwful is just a partisan liberal hack who reads straight of liberal doctrine.  He wants Colorado style gun control, which is why he's met with freedom-killing New York Mayor Michael Bloomturd.
McAwful supports Obamacare and wants to implement the exchanges in Virgina.  Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican and a rock-solid conservative, was one of the first state attorney generals that led the fight against Obamacare in the court.
McAwful cannot run on his claims of being a businessman, because he has no record.  He's running from the stink of corruption that surrounds him and the Clinton/Rodham cabal.  So he's resorting to the usual liberal scare tactics Obama used in 2012.  McAwful supports abortion on demand, including later-term infanticide. So, he's using the Obama/Democrat #WarOnWomen BS, trying to scare women into believing that "Ken Cuccinelli Is Coming After Your Vagina!"
Here's proof of one of Terrible Terry's supporters using the birth-control scare tactic (h/t Gabby Hoffman).


Find out more on The Truth About Terry, and let's "Keep Terry Out" of the governor's mansion.

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