Monday, September 16, 2013

Terry McAuliffe's Camp Threatens NoVA Tech PAC With Gestapo Tactics For Cuccinelli Endorsement

Here's more of you're warning, Virginia voters (Washington ComPost).
High-powered Terry McAuliffe supporters made a furious attempt over the weekend to reverse a Washington area business group’s endorsement of Republican Ken Cuccinelli II for governor, with state legislators warning that “doors will be closed” to the group if it sticks by its choice.
The pressure exerted on the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s political arm, Tech PAC, by a U.S. senator, a Republican lieutenant governor at odds with Cuccinelli and several others suggests that McAuliffe’s campaign is worried that a Cuccinelli endorsement could undermine the central premise of the Democrat’s campaign — that he, an entrepreneur who started his first venture at 14, is the pro-business candidate and that Cuccinelli, a social conservative popular with the tea party, is too extreme for the state’s centrist business leaders.
Members of the council’s executive committee decided late Sunday to stick by the Cuccinelli endorsement but also to issue a statement saying that the PAC’s action might not reflect the views of its parent organization, the NVTC, according to news releases scheduled to be distributed Monday morning and obtained by The Washington Post.
...The reasoning behind the NVTC TechPAC’s nod — Cuccinelli had detailed responses to questions in candidate interviews, three board members said, while McAuliffe was uninformed and superficial — bolsters the view that the Democrat’s breezy style doesn’t sit well with some Virginians. Two of the people said they were leaning toward Cuccinelli before the interviews; one disliked both candidates.
This who "Terrible" Terry McAwful really is, a slick, scumbag whose only experience in public office was selling the Lincoln Bedroom when he was leading Bill Clinton's Hillbilly Mafia. McAwful has more business experience creating jobs in China instead of Virginia, something that liberals supposedly rail against.

When you expose his past as a sleezeball, wheeler-dealer, the jerk will either sue you (as he did as his campaign resorts to the usual fearmongering on social issues like the liberal blood-sacrament of abortion.

No wonder someone on that far from right-wing Daily Kos had some not so kind words for McAwful last year.
McAuliffe was a young business hustler with a glad-handing, back-slapping, used car salesman style from the get-go. He got rich by investing $100,000 in Global Crossing, and cashing out millions. If the name Global Crossing doesn't ring a bell, here's the deal: it was a loathsome scam chartered in Bermuda that bought up a bunch of regional phone companies, forced employees to pack their retirement funds with company stock, squeezed every last nickel out of the companies, then froze employees' pension funds while the executives cashed out all their stock days ahead of the collapse. Just exactly like Enron. The CEO walked away with hundreds of millions. The employees were raped, left penniless with their pensions destroyed. That's how Terry got rich.
Now, Terry McAuliffe is running a start-up electric car company nominally based in Mississippi. But the signature product, the 'MyCar', is being manufactured in...wait for it...I'm sure you can't guess....China! Dingdingding! We have a winner: Terry is trying to get even richer by moving another American industry to China.
And to grease the skids for his excellent adventure, Terry is pulling in all his markers, everything he can glean from his famous 18,000 name Rolodex. That's why he has a beaming Bill Clinton and a grinning Haley Barbour photographed with him in the Mississippi Potemkin factory standing in for the actual Chinese manufacturer.
Everything that's wrong with America's smug leadership/plutocrat class: rich white guys yucking it up for the camera as they work on getting even richer via offshore'd production, while America's middle class slips ever deeper into poverty, Colorado burns, Midwest corn withers, and the ice caps melt.
 Let's tell Terrible Terry McAwful we don't need his Obama-styled politics in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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