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McCain, GOP Establishment Class, Bill O'Reilly: Ted Cruz Showed Who Isn't Looking Out For "The Folks"

Texas Senator Ted Cruz had his 21 hour filibuster interrupted at noon today by "Dingy" Harry Reid, but even if he has failed to persuade any of his Senate colleagues to come over to the side of representing the best interests of those the represent, Cruz exposed (as Erick Erickson pointed out at RedState) the "scurrying cockroaches."

Or, Cruz exposed the hypocrites and the phonies.  Those who like to talk a good talk, but when the rubber meets the road, they're the first to cave or refuse to fight, and then try to convince their constituents "we'll I did what I could."  They were quick to jump on the Tea Party bandwagon or opposing Obamacare.  But they just used those causes for winning the next election or fundraising.  Those who claim to be on our side, putting "Country First" and "looking out for the folks" really are just looking out for the elites, and see those of us who make this nation work as their real enemy.  Never mind that they are forgetting they are "public servants."

Who are these frauds? Let's "name and shame" just a few of them.

Senator John McCain, other Elected RINOs.

The so-called "Maverick," McCain style himself as leading the "Straight Talk Express." McCain owes his current term to support from the Tea Party movement and his former running mate, Sarah Palin. But when he was safely re-elected, McCain returned to being his usual self--an egotistical maniac who puts what's best for John McCain first, instead of the constituents and nation he supposedly represents the best interest of.

Today should erase any doubt how much McCain puts himself first.  He allowed himself to be a useful idiot for "Dingy" Harry Reid and that pathetic ambulance chaser from Brooklyn, UpChuck Schumer, trashing Senator Cruz's heroic stand for the American people in the process (American Thinker).
After twenty-four hours of Ted Cruz acting like a man -- a man who sees his country on the brink of expiring -- the Democrats have pulled the Senate floor out from under him. And as has become the custom, they have been aided in their bullying by Senator John McCain.
As Charles Schumer was about to scold Cruz for "trampling on the rights of his colleagues," he interrupted himself to yield the floor to McCain. For a moment, there was confusion over whether the time yielded would be his own or the Republicans', but the Democrat leadership quickly jumped in to express its pleasure at allowing McCain to speak under any conditions. That is, they knew he was going to do some of their dirty work for them, thus lending credibility to their authoritarianism. And so he did.
McCain began his doddering diatribe by informing Cruz that "elections have consequences," that in democracies the majority rules, and that a "sizable majority" elected and re-elected Barack Obama, suggesting that Cruz' efforts displayed a lack of respect for the will of the victorious majority. Of course, this bizarre logic ignored the fact that Cruz also won a majority of votes in his own Senate election, and that the majority who voted for him probably elected him to be something more than a rubber stamp for Democrat policy. McCain seems to have revealed useful information about his own lack of backbone in the Senate, however; apparently he believes it is the role of the minority to express official distaste for the majority's plans, and then vigorously support those plans anyway. After all, failing to do so would be disrespectful of those who voted for the majority party.
Joined in the Senate GOP cowardice are Cruz' Texas counterpart John Cornyn and the feckless Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, of whom the biggest joke has always been "Help Mitch find his balls?" Not to be outdone, Rep. Peter King of New York attacked Cruz, accusing him of committing "governmental terrorism."  Never mind that King back in 2010 spoke out against Obamacare and how bad it would be for working Americans.

Phony, phony words, Rep. King.  If it really was bad, you'd be applauding Senator Cruz instead of sounding like the same liberals who have attacked you viciously for trying to fight Islamist terrorism and recruiting.

The GOP Establishment and It's Paid Consultant Class

RNC Chairman Rinse PreBus wrote a piece at RedState and sent out an official RNC Fundraiser, "I Stand With Ted"

Well, if Rinse PreBus was really "standing with Ted," he'd be putting an end to all the "friendly fire" coming at Cruz from within the GOP ranks, don't you think?  Which is what I asked him on Twitter:

I've already illustrated how the GOP paid consultant Karl Rove, "The Architect of Electoral Defeat" has attacked Cruz and decried the Defund Obamacare effort, while his PAC will think making a video for an Obamacare video contest will win the day, but he's not the only one. 
The Republican base must not require its representatives in Congress to run off a cliff and commit suicide as the price of avoiding a primary challenge in 2014. The Tea Party must not eat its young.
How right has "The Toesucker" been?  He, Rove and the GOP paid consultant class all pushed for Mittens Romneycare to be the 2012 GOP nominee because he was the "most electable" they claimed.  Here's the Toesucker a few days before the 2012 election

"Win by a landslide." Boy were you wrong, Dick! Same with you Karl! You were out spouting the same BS as well. So what makes you think the effort to defund Obamacare, when people are losing jobs, having their hours cut, or getting cancellation notices, will backfire?.

Bill "Who's Looking Out For You" O'Reilly and Faux News

With the exception of Sean Hannity and some of the guest contributors, most Faux News hosts have become nothing but mouthpieces for the GOP country club establishment.  Most notable is that phony populist Bill O'Reilly, who tells his audience how he's "definitely looking out for you."  Not only has O'Reilly attacked the effort to defund Obamacare "fanatical," despite the damage it's doing to "the folks," he and Brit Hume attacked talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, not necessarily by name, on Monday night.

So what's up Bill? How come you're not looking out for "the folks" like you claim to be?  Did your friend Obama's NSA get tape of you talking about loofahs and falafel to your female producer, or trying to bully your ex-wife

Ted Cruz showed something that has been long absent in DC, and something many Americans have been desperately looking for...leadership.  It's telling also that those named above have showed themselves to be frauds, drunk with their own egos and pompous bombast by their reactions to Cruz.

They've also shown us who should be primaried for next year.

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