Monday, September 09, 2013

Fellow Virginians: Terry McAuliffe MUST Be Stopped

Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection echoes my fears for the state where I live.
Really, Terry McAuliffe, corruptocrat, insider of insiders, money man, fixer, green-bagger?
All the recent polling says McAuliffe is going to win:
Really, Virginia, Really?!?
Someone tell me that yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and Cucinelli will pull this out.
Terry McAuliffe?!?
I agree. McAuliffe (or as I call him "McAwful" or "McLowlife") is just a political sleazeball whose corruption is well documented by being ignored by liberal media outlets like the Democrat Party organ called The Washington ComPost, and their local satellite rag, the Fairfax County Slimes.  Both the Compost and Slimes are focusing in on sleaziness by Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, trying to tie that to Ken Cuccinelli.  However, they ignore the corruption exposed by various groups like on McAwful, whom McAwful the lowlife slapped a lawsuit against in order to stop them.

It doesn't help when you have RINOs like Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, who is throwing arrows at Cuccinelli because of his sour grapes at not being the GOP nominee.

I mean, McAuliffe is everything wrong with politics--a vicious, lowlife partisan hack.  He led the Bill Clinton Hillbilly Mafia, sold out the Lincoln Bedroom like it was a room in a cathouse, turned a small investment into Global Crossings into a windfall for him but left others holding the bag when the company collapsed.  His big resume builder to show him as a job creator, Greentech, was a bust, where most of the jobs were going to China and a few at a plant in Mississippi.  Not a single job was to be created in Virginia.

Come on Virginia GOP, Tea Party groups...we need to get behind Cuccinelli and the rest of the GOP team and defeat this Clintonoid/Obama clone who will do what he at Greentech, create jobs elsewhere by sending them packing out of Virginia.

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Anonymous said...

I share your dismay. I am appalled that there is not more money pouring into the Cuccinelli campaign. From what I've read, the Democrats from outside VA are flooding McAuliffe with cash. Are the nations' Rebublicans willing to let Virginia go? It feels like we are drowning with no boat in sight. It is time for serious prayer, serious campaigning and serious money.