Monday, September 30, 2013

"Dingy" Harry Reid Attacks Tea Party As "Anarchists" While Supporting Real Anarchy From The Left

Like most liberals, "Dingy" Harry Reid is a hypocrite.

Reid apparently has so much contempt for American citizens who have had hours cut, health-care premiums increase, or loss of health-care altogether due to Obamacare that he has called Tea Party members "anarchists." In the tradition of Josef Goebbels, who once said a lie becomes the truth if it is told often enough, Reid keeps repeating this lie.

Never mind, as you and I know, the Tea Party are not violent.  They clean up after themselves, and know how to use a bathroom.

But "Dingy" Harry loves real anarchists.  You know, violent, raging, hateful liberal anarchists like the Occupy squatters.  The libs were so desperate for their version of the Tea Party they were willing to latch onto a movement where violence, rapes, anti-Semitism and racism were prevalent.

Here is "Dingy" Harry on the Senate floor, in part of the trailer for the expose Occupy Umasked.

From Politico, October 31, 2011:
Now Harry Reid is jumping on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon.
Reid invoked the fledgling movement on the Senate floor Monday, taking Republicans to task for opposing Democrats’ latest jobs bill over objections it would pay for new infrastructure by raising taxes on the rich.
“In recent days, Republicans showed new interest in the gulf between rich and poor that has motivated thousands to occupy parks across the country and make their voices heard. Apparently they believe the staggering income inequality makes a good talking point,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “While Democrats fight for jobs for the middle class, Republicans fight for tax breaks for the 1 percent of Americans who don't need our help.”
Anoter example, remember when Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, the hero of Planned Klan Parenthood had her filibuster ended and the abortion lobby interrupted the Texas Senate from taking the final vote?
It wasn't only the anarchy of interrupting the Texas Senate. These abortion supporters Harry Reid supported sent threats to female pro-life Texas Senators and utter numerous instances of blasphemy toward Christians during the session.
But anarchy, like the anti-gay slur "teabagger" and "suicide bomber" is a great slur to throw around when you're losing the debate.
So much from the party that likes to preach about "civility."

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