Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cuccinelli Ad Exposes Terry McAuliffe's War On Coal

Another reason why Terry McAwful should not be elected Governor of Virginia, he's a carbon copy of Richard Milhous Obama when it comes to coal.

This new ad from Ken Cuccinelli's campaign tells the story.

“Now, Terry McAuliffe wants to lead the attack,” the narrator ads moments before a clip of McAuliffe denouncing coal is shown, twice.
“We have got to move past coal,” McAuliffe remarks in the clip from a Democratic primary debate in 2009 when he last ran for governor. “As governor, I never want another coal plant built.”
This time around, McAuliffe has softened his stance on coal but hasn’t taken a formal position on proposed Environmental Protection Agency rules that would require new coal plants to install expensive emissions controls.
Utilities and energy interest oppose those plans, arguing they will lead to job losses and higher electric rates.
The new coal ad hammers an argument Republicans have made throughout the campaign that McAuliffe can’t be trusted on coal and assures viewers “Ken Cuccinelli will fight to protect Virginia coal and Virginia families” if elected governor.

According to SourceWatch, 29,740 short tons of coal are produced from the Commonwealth, with a total of 5,262 jobs in Virginia's coal industry.

That's 5,262 jobs Terry McAwful wants to eliminate, not to ad the increase in electric bills that would ensue.

Why should we trust a guy to run Virginia who couldn't create one job in the Commonwealth with his snake oil "green" car plant?

Oh, and that's not all. McAwful has an ally in a Democrat operative who the Washington ComPost revealed today ran a secret "get out the vote" effort for Hillary Rotten Clinton.

Remember how Tony Rodham, Hillary's brother, was linked to McAwful's VISA scandal?

Wake up Virginians!  This is what we'll get if the leader of Bill Clinton's Hillbilly Mafia is elected governor...corruption, job losses, higher energy bills, higher taxes...just like what Obama brought America.

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